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  • June 29, 2013, 5 a.m.
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I had the chance to delve into the world of Late Night, the latest expansion pack for the Sims 3. I think it’s about time we had a real paranormal life state, don’t you? The mummies and the ghosts were lame. I started playing around with the vampires but I am disappointed that there is no coffin for them and they can go out for short periods during the day without dying.

I love their glowing eyes (much better than the red ones from TS2), and that it takes two days to turn vamp unlike the instant turn from TS2. All the different drinks added with the EP are awesome and the celebrity thing is reminiscent of the original Sims. From what I can see you don’t really lose your status like you did in the original Sims. It was frustrating to keep it up.

My new character, Amanda Sole (pronounced "soul"), using some new Late Night clothes and hair. I keep wanting to say Night Life, forgive me if I do.

Her formal outfit (also new hair and clothes).

This is Amanda's new living room.

And her lovely little practice space (she loves the piano).

Picture of the new world, Bridgeport which is the only urban setting I've ever seen in all the series!

Digital fish tank. Yes, you read that right. You can have any of the fish available in game but you do not need to feed them or clean the tank as they are "digital." It goes on the wall and you can see into the next room. It's gigantic!

The movie studio back lot where Amanda works because she in the new Film career track. It's just another rabbithole with a cool facade.

First thing Amanda did was head out to the bar after work. She wanted to increase her celebrity status. She tried to bribe the bouncer at this one club but he stole her money and wouldn't let her in. He's a really ugly bouncer.

She tried another section of the bar and got in, she watched the bartender for awhile before ordering.

She finally decided to buy a round for everyone in the bar.

Then ordered a fun love drink for herself.

She started to get bored at the club and decided to leave to go visit her friend, Sim Lil' Kim (aka Lola Belle) who's a celebrity.

At a new bar the following night she spied the BUBBLE BAR! She had to try that shit out. She started with the banana bubbles.

After Amanda had her fill of bubbles she made her way over to Lil' Kim's house and decided to take a dip in the hot tub.

Later she gossiped with Sim 50 Cent (aka Tom Wordy).

Amanda went home for the night after she received two stars on her celebrity status but she went right back at it the next night. A local dive asked her to dance at their place to attract more customers. It was a paying gig and Amanda couldn't say no. She walked out onto the dance floor and got her groove on!

Amanda spied another celebrity dancing ON the bar.

She soon discovered that the celebrity is a vampire named Elvira.

Amanda asked Elvira to turn her and Elvira complied.

Manda wasn't ready for it to hurt so much!

The next thing she knew she was back in her apartment with a horrible stomach ache.

Quickly she realized it was no ordinary stomach ache when lasers start shooting out of her eyes.

Amanda is a vampire.

And as a vampire she can eat plasma fruit to stay alive.

Or go hunting.

Find a victim.

And chomp down on a willing Sim. She found the Sim much more appetizing.

Random Shots! The new food truck that ONLY works in Bridgeport which sucks because I'm not a huge fan of playing a world based on city life.

Some creepy pigeons outside Amanda's windows.

And finally a shot of what came to pick up Amanda one night because her celebrity status had risen quite high.

Until next time, happy simming!

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