Mind numbing day... in Random Crap

  • May 1, 2020, 7 a.m.
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I had to work in the garage of a hoarder today. He opted to leave the door to the house open, which didn’t help, considering everything wreaked of stale ramen packages. I was replacing the springs on this 20 foot wide by 8 foot 9 inch tall steel monstrosity, and I had room to be able to unwind and rewind the springs, but I could barely get to anything else because of the crap stacked withing 4 inches of the door.
It stank so bad, if I’d farted, it would have been an improvement.

After fighting that job and getting exhausted, irritated, and dehydrated, I pretty much chugged my entire water jug on the 30 minute drive from BFE 3 towns north to the next job in the ritzy part of my town, which proved to be a near cataclysmic mistake. This very nice house in the very nice part of town has a decorative water fountain 30 feet from where I was replacing the failed garage door opener. I’ve never been so tortured by just how badly I needed to pee in I don’t know how long.

I did start off my day with a client that I like working for, at their house on the water. They put in a new cobblestone driveway since I was there last, which turned out fantastic. Was told it has its drawbacks, but it’s something I’d probably do, had I the funds and a house that was worth it. This time I did actually remember to snap a pic of the home automation panel in the garage. I’m gonna look into it and see if it’s more or less a pain that what I have now.

I’m on Wellbutrin, since it made me quit smoking last time I was on it. Also found out from J it’s labelled for smoking cessation in her part of the world. It’s not here, though. But I forgot about the weight gain. Not sure what I’m up to currently, but walking swiftly to my van for something made me notice the jiggle. Need to do something before I end up needing a bra. 😬

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