West Philadelphia born and raised... in Dreams

  • April 30, 2020, 11:37 a.m.
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No, not me.
Dreamt I was in Philly for some reason. I saw a lot of buildings I don’t recognize, but in my dream I knew where they were. I was doing some work in my dream (I’m thinking that might be a slight problem) but nothing nuts. For some reason I was on a bicycle, and knew I had to go meet someone, but only knew roughly where it was and had to landmark my way there. (I’ve never in my life been to Philadelphia in my life, not even as a stop over on a flight)
When I got there, I recognized the people just inside the door, but didn’t know why. Then Will Smith turns around, and I realise I’m meeting up with him and the Banks’ family, and I was actually their guest, and had been for a few days.
Woke up just after that.
Have no idea what any of this might possibly mean.

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