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  • April 29, 2020, 4:46 p.m.
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Today is going to be pretty much like yesterday, I’m afraid. And the day before that. And the day before that....add nauseum.
We did have a couple of things going on yesterday, for a change. They let our housekeeper go back to work which was great. We have been trying to keep the place livable, to the best of our ability, but it’s been a long 8 weeks without Rose’s touch.
The other thing is they are getting ready to re-roof our building. Yesterday they brought in supplies and equipment. Got our attention when they started dropping bundles of shingles on the roof! Maybe living on the top floor has some disadvantages. Don’t know what we will do next week when they start the actual work. We still aren’t supposed to go anywhere. And probably can’t get our car out of the garage anyway because of the equipment and mess that will be in our driveway. They did give us tiny little sponge earplugs. I should think that it won’t take long to get past our place. They will start on our end. At least it will be a change in our dull routine.
We lost another neighbor last week. Lady two doors down the hall. She has been having some kind of issues for awhile, so I am thinking it wasn’t the virus. The weird thing is that she lived next door to the woman who died a few weeks ago. (Surely they would let us know if they had the virus, wouldn’t they? Tighten up the restrictions or something?)

woman in the moon April 29, 2020

A new roof? They are putting shingles on? Most of the new roofs in our area are steel - I noticed in town today on my weekly grocery run - with mask, trying to stay 6 feet away from other people - that the old convent at the Catholic church that has been turned into apartments has a steel roof. They cost more than shingles but last practically forever.
I'm sympathetic to your staying at home. And I sure hope you would have been told if anyone in your building had the virus.
Times are so uncertain. We wonder sometimes who and what to believe but we may as well see if we can see any sunshine breaking through the clouds.
Weatherwise, it's a cold and cloudy here today.

aunty EM woman in the moon ⋅ May 01, 2020

No, steel roofs are not common here in Colorado. Don't know why. Where do you live?

woman in the moon aunty EM ⋅ May 01, 2020

I live in NE Iowa. We have had Amish people move into the area and they are carpenters. They work with a lumberyard and I think a lot of the metal roofs come from that lumberyard and the Amish builders. We have one on our house and one on our barn and we have been happy with both of them. Last year the Amish put sheet insulation and vinyl siding on my more than 100 yrs old house and it looks MUCH better and I think was warmer over winter. End of testimonial.

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