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  • April 15, 2020, 9:19 a.m.
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I cannot believe I’ve done this. It’s 01:08 here, and I’m still awake. I shouldn’t be. I was putting my pills in the pill box, and I put my AM pills in the PM slot, and the PM pills in the AM slots. Laid in bed, couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t fall asleep. Got up, checked my pill box, saw I took my PM pills, went back to bed. Laid there a while longer, still couldn’t sleep, had the notion that MAYBE I put them in the wrong sides, went and checked, and found out that I did in fact get them switched. So I took the PM pills in the Tuesday morning slot, (It’s now early Wednesday) as well as a melatonin and some Zzzquill, did a lot of swearing, corrected my pills, and now I’m here.
I’ve been taking pills for years, and I’ve never done that. Maybe it’s due to the fact I’ve been running myself longer than I normally do. I’ve been putting in my usual day, then coming home and working on the hell hole that is my garage. I’ve made decent progress on it, and I’m seeing the results. It’s making me feel better.
A coworker has family who has tested positive with COVID-19. Saturday they went with a family member who lives with the diagnosis, then proceeded to come into work on Monday. We’ve now all been exposed. I emphatically CANNOT afford to end up in hospital with this.
Pills are slowly beginning to kick in, and it’s messing with my hand-eye coordination.

Stardust April 15, 2020

Absolutely shocking about your co-worker. What is wrong with people?! I hope you managed to get a sleep and you stay safe xx

He Who Must Not Be Named Stardust ⋅ April 18, 2020

On the plus side, she tested negative. If she hadn't, I'd have gone through the roof.
I've slept okay, but hoping to sleep better tonight.

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