2020 keeps on getting sh*ttier... in Everyday Things

  • March 31, 2020, 10 p.m.
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people aren’t staying home so this pandemic will clear up
i never thought i’d be the one to say it, but, i miss people- i miss my work mates
i dislike wholly that because of this damn pandemic i’ve been moved with no choice or consultation to a project i have no interest in and it’s adding more anxiety to the already terrible anxiety i have
my dads birthday was yesterday- and i did manage to get him a cake on sunday when i got out to the store to get some needed groceries.... forgot to get him a present though/ he did like the home made card though
found out today that my brothers best friend died yesterday .... don’t know for sure what happened but it seems like it was due to suicide. my brother is devastated and i’m so very sad about it.
my best friends possibly not moving home, or is at the least getting very delayed in getting home and i am worrying about them constantly also..... it’s a good thing i dyed my hair silver anyways a few months ago… cause i’d be full grey now i think.

today’s good news tho; i will be an aunty to my first boy in august. today was my other best friends ultra sound to find out what she is having - yay!

now i go to bed.... sleep is the only thing that makes anything feel good right now.

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