Top Corona Virus locales by percentage of population in Good lord, this is a book

  • March 20, 2020, 9:24 p.m.
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The small country of San Marino is far and away the most affected/infected country in the world at this point, with what would be 4244 infected persons for every 1 million population.

Now San Marino only has about 36,000 inhabitants, so their 126 confirmed cases and 14 deaths stands prominent compared to everyone in that regard.

You’ve heard of the extremes in Italy, Spain and China…

Italy has 778 cases of Corona virus per 1 million people

Switzerland has 649 cases per 1 million population

Spain has 460 cases per 1 million population

Norway has 361 cases per 1 million population

France has 193 cases per 1 million

USA tops “The Americas” with 59 cases per 1 million

One county in Washington State has 316 cases per 1 million population
(most there tied to a single nursing home)

the UK is also at 59 cases per 1 million

China is well down there with 56 cases per 1 million population

Canada has 29 known cases of Corona Virus per 1 million population

Of course all of this info will be outdated by the time any of us could read it.

But, on the whole, all of “The Americas” are not being hit by the full brunt of what has been felt in Europe. (Consider China and USA are very near to one another, relative to the percentage of population who have tested positive, and that neither is close in rate to countries who have really been slammed by Corona Virus)

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littlemissnobody April 27, 2020

It is good to know we are not being hit too hard, though I do feel bad for Europe.

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