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  • Feb. 21, 2020, 11:01 a.m.
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This is why I’m crazy…

I made a spill in the kitchen. When I went to grab a paper towel to clean up, of course He Who Shall Remain Nameless had used the last sheet. I said, “ “Hurry, I need more paper towels!” His Nibs said, Where do YOU keep the paper towels?” I lost it on him. We have been in this house for 10 freakin’ years and he has no idea where the paper towels are kept. We were in our last house for 13 years and I know he didn’t know where they were kept there either. He is so not a Renaissance Man!

Last updated February 21, 2020

ConnieK February 21, 2020

If it had been MY husband, he would have responded at a snail's pace. I think he finally learned my full birth date a couple of years ago. They live in their own little worlds, don't they? Condolences, my friend, condolences, but...don't kill him....I hear it's still against the law. ;)

IpsoFacto ConnieK ⋅ February 21, 2020

It’s only against the law if you get caught.

ConnieK IpsoFacto ⋅ February 21, 2020

I'll be your alibi: we were poolside, drinking mimosas, the entire time.

Marg February 21, 2020

My ex would have been a very appropriate contender for this club as well :)

queenofegypt February 21, 2020

Oh no, that just wouldn't do....

noko February 21, 2020


Oswego February 23, 2020

That IS rather incomprehensible! Of course, I am obsessed with paper towels, so I sure know where they are at all times!

Pies on a Carousel February 24, 2020

The other night we finished off the paper towels and Shannon started walking to the pantry to get more. I stopped her and told her we keep the paper towels in the garage for some reason. The pantry would make a lot more sense.

Jinn March 20, 2020

Frank will yell for me to find things when he is looking right at them :-)

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