Like Sand in the Cat Box in Life

  • Feb. 20, 2020, 12:18 a.m.
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Pills taken
mood great
Ran 3 miles

What happened to Open Diary? I was a lifetime member but when I signed in last week it said something about having to pay to be able to use the note function. I only have 2 friends left who didn’t move to Open Diary. One I kind of keep up with Facebook but the other refuses to use FB or OD.

Yesterday I took two hours off work and went to lunch and then to see Dr Doolittle with Lynn. It was good to see Lynn and get caught up with her family. I don’t think she was too interested in my work problems. It’s been awhile (Xmas) since I had seen her. It seemed like every time she texted me it was to ask me if I was coming to church, and I got a feeling like church attendance was a requirement for our friendship. We talked about that yesterday. She said that’s not the case but that church was a requirement for my soul, and I do tend to agree. I usually feel better about things after going to church. Not saying it’s required for everyone. If you can be spiritual outside of church that’s great. I was feeling like maybe I should let the friendship go but my mom encouraged me to reach out to Lynn. I think she regrets that in her old age she has no friends from her childhood, teen years, or work.

Dr. Doolittle was OK but why do cats have to be villians in all the movies? I guess there was one tiny lion cub that was one of the good guys but the rest of the cats were villains.

Squidobarnez February 20, 2020

the OD situation was poorly handled. some people still have full access to all of their stuff, but others lost it all.

I hope you're enjoying your now.


TruNorth February 20, 2020

I returned to OD and my lifetime membership was honored. I write there now. Occasionally I will still write a private entry here, and I did purchase a membership to PB because I feel that the new diary master should be supported. If you are interested in resurrecting your old OD lifetime membership you should contact them.

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