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September 21, 2019

Measurements in Food/Nutrition

I have been trying to make this table for almost a month. I have no patience for HTML. The spacing is all jacked up, can’t figured out how to fix it, I’ve tried SO many different tables, driving ...

April 15, 2018

4.15.17 in Food/Nutrition

Weight (that morning): 132.4 BREAKFAST 1 Banana 1 English Muffin, Whole Wheat 2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter LUNCH 3-oz of Shaved Turkey Breast 1 Dinner Roll 4-oz of Macaroni and Cheese 1/2 Servi...

April 14, 2018

4.13.18 in Food/Nutrition

BREAKFAST 1.5 Cups of Crisp Rice 1 Cup of 2% Milk MORNING SNACK 1 Banana 1/2 Green Pepper LUNCH Turkey/Cheese Sandwich on Whole Grain Bread 8-oz Chicken Wild Rice Soup DINNER 1 4-oz Chicken Thigh...

April 11, 2018

4.11.18 in Food/Nutrition

BREAKFAST 3/4 Cup of Oatmeal 1 Tablespoon of Brown Sugar MORNING SNACK 1 Serving of Baby Carrots 6oz Chai Latte, Almond Milk LUNCH 2 Servings (taco sized) of Taco Meat 1 Slice of Cheddar Cheese D...

April 10, 2018

4.10.18 in Food/Nutrition

BREAKFAST 1 Chocolate Rice Cake MORNING SNACK 1 Serving of Baby Carrots LUNCH 3-oz Pink Salmon 1 Serving of Peas AFTERNOON SNACK 2 Pieces of Schogetten Dark Chocolate 2 Activia Yogurts/Mixed Berr...

April 10, 2018

4.9.18 in Food/Nutrition

BREAKFAST 3 Egg/Cheese Omelette 1/2 Order of Hash Browns 1 Piece of Wheat Toast 1 Serving of Strawberry Jam DINNER 6-oz of Pink Salmon 2 Servings of Peas Calories Out: $2,076.00 Calories In: $1,2...

April 09, 2018

4.7.18 & 4.8.18 in Food/Nutrition

04.07.2018 BREAKFAST 3 Scrambled Eggs 1 Whole Grain English Muffin 1 Serving of Peanut Butter LUNCH Banana DINNER 6-oz Chicken Dumpling Soup 1 Italian Grilled Chicken Sandwich Calories Out: $2,16...

April 06, 2018

4.6.18 in Food/Nutrition

BREAKFAST Banana LUNCH Clif’s Power Bar/Chocolate Peanut Butter AFTERNOON SNACK 2-Activia Yogurts/Mixed Berry DINNER 3-Tacos/Cheese & Lettuce AFTER DINNER SNACK 1 Serving of Haagen Dazs/Rocky...

April 05, 2018

4.5.17 in Food/Nutrition

BREAKFAST 1 Cup of Strawberries 12-oz Chai Latte (forgot to ask for almond milk) 8-oz Protein Drink LUNCH 1 Pulled Chicken Sandwich DINNER 1/2 Baked Potato 1 Serving of Sauteed Mushrooms 1 Servin...

April 04, 2018

4.4.17 in Food/Nutrition

BREAKFAST 3 Scrambled Eggs 1 Chocolate Rice Cake DINNER 1 Black Angus Rjbeye steak 1 Serving of Pasta Roni Olive Oil Vermicelli 3 Servings of Sauteed Mushrooms 2 Servings of Fresh Broccoli AFTER ...

April 04, 2018

4.3.17 in Food/Nutrition

I had my first meeting with a personal trainer yesterday. He taught me how to do intervals on the treadmill and gave me an example of the kind of work out that I want to be completing at least tw...

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