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Life in Tokyo. Nicorette gum squished on the side of a teacup. Until the next time I get annoyed. I used to have this little pink bottle of glittery body gel that had the scent of “gummy bear.” T...

7 days ago

tomorrow in BloNdeD

7 Wake up and chug a whole thing of water and eat a bunch of fruit and kale 8 give plasma 830 Fwd RFF to Irish dude to get approval for CA 10 Cheng 1030 sit in car and email and call people and s...

April 30, 2021

spirulina on ice in BloNdeD

The plan: 4/30: DAYTIME Find internship materials. If cannot find, E-mail Mrs. Maisel lady and ask her if she can help. For the feedback form, go on Canvas if you can and find the form.. Do ADP...

April 29, 2021

the 333 saga of 2019 in BloNdeD

Is over. Or is it? This is now life with a desktop computer. I’m basically taken back to 2003. We had a computer. Well my mom had one and my dad had one. My brother wasn’t really an internet pers...

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