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She needs help to escape a narcissistic man.

On PowerPoint!

It took Empath Charlene a long while to realize that she really needs to focus more on herself, after taking on too many other’s problems, and no longer in a relationship. Her last relationship ...

Are you, or do you know anyone who is an Empath? Check out this video:

It’s a written video story about Kaye’s experience. Click on it to read:

How do you think it’ll turn out? Stay Tuned..

Just a little about The Radio Station of Victorson County.

What would you have done, thought, etc.?

Yesterday, I found out that a former OD diarist passed away from pancreatic cancer on Saturday. Maybe some of you remember him, Tim Ard. I don’t remember his OD name, but I believe it was his n...

December 03, 2018

Wow.. in Public 2017

Can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since I’ve written on here. Actually, it would be a year on the 14th of this month! My how time flies. Not much different on this end, though. I’m st...

What is your example(s) of when narcissistic behaviors have been made to be rather normal? It’s really becoming such a problem in the world we live in, in my opinion. It’s existed probably fore...

Yesterday morning, I kept thinking about how some of these big social media platforms (isn’t it called?) are getting way too big for their britches. So, I went driving around to make a video abo...

Not enough room in the title space, but you get the pic. What about you? Do you have any kind of driving quirks? When there’s weather involved, does it make it worse? Click on it to view it:

Just recently, I was thinking about what would my future hold. It wasn’t the first time, but it had been a long while, in some respects. In a way, I was hoping/wishing that things would change....

February 09, 2017

Still Around.. in YouTube Videos

But, I haven’t been on here in a long while. Hmm. Wondering if it still works like: