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Hello! 😄 Just the daily rambles of a perpetually exhausted wife, dog mom, friend, reader of books 📖, player of games 🎮 and listener of music 🎧. Be well!

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January 31, 2021

Snow's A Comin' in My 2021 Rambles

The flurries have begun to fall! We’re slated to get 10-18 inches of snow during this time. I’m kinda excited about this a little bit. I don’t really have anyplace to really go so homebound I sta...

Curled up in bed, sipping some wine listening to Pink Floyd fiddling on the internet just chilling. Babe called today and we talked for a bit minute. When he gets time we’ll talk a little bit mor...

January 13, 2021

Midnight Rambles. in My 2021 Rambles

Sitting in bed. It’s late. Listening to some chill music, Baby Girl snoring ready to wind down for the day. The world is a little crazy at the moment. I’ve been avoiding the news for a bit but I ...

January 01, 2021

The Future is Now! in My 2021 Rambles

That’s the crazy thing I sent to my friends in group chat when 2021 hit since I’m in the earlier time zone. Well, new year, new beginnings hopefully. I like to go into the new year with optimism....

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