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September 08, 2023

Halp. in Public.

I have a hair appointment in 1.5 hour and I still don’t know what I want to do. (I know I know. This happens every time I have a hair appointment… ) But it’s like… I have a certain hair color, h...

December 15, 2022

It's that time of the year... in Public.

What are go to cookies / treats you make for Christmas? We have our baking day on the 23rd and don’t have any sort of plan yet. We USUSALLY do: Peanut Butter Blossoms Peanut Clusters Buttersco...

October 24, 2022

Question in Public.

So the photographer for our at home reception hasn’t sent the pictures yet. This last Saturday marked 6 weeks. I know SOME photographers take longer but her contract states 6 weeks. Last time ...

October 18, 2022

Help me remodel my kitchen. in Public.

I always thought I would know exactly what I wanted until it’s actually happening and now I’m nervous! I love white kitchens. Love love love. Always have for years so that’s the one thing that ...

desserts I need to order for my reception. Pleaaaaaaase! We have 130 confirmed yes RSVPs. We don’t except any more to be honest. We are not doing cake. We’re doing Kringle, cookies, full size...

July 01, 2022

Question in Public.

I’m curious. At what age were you able to stay home alone? Not a quick “Mom needs to run to the grocery store” but summer vacation and Mom needs to work for 8-9 hours. And what age did you / wo...

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