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5 hours ago

-_- in Everything.

When you rush home to do a quick house pick up, quick shower/shave, and makeup only to get canceled on againnnnnn. Boys are so lame. I give up.

1 day ago

Puzzles!? in Everything.

I’ve become a little obsessed with puzzles now. Especially these: I just ordered two. It was a hard decision though! I’m trying to behave with my money. I’ve been spending like crazy latel...

2 days ago

Hahahaha in Everything.

YOU GUYS. Omg. I knew the “put a baby in you” comment was creepy but now I’m totally second guessing my sanity and my choice to give him a shot. I feel like I have these blinders on and my head ...

2 days ago

Making babies. in Everything.

So. I didn’t mention this before but I did kind of sleep with Jeremy last weekend. I won’t get into details but I will mention this little thing. We’re on the bed or whatever and I told him to g...

I wanted to write a big long entry about what’s going on in this crazy head but I lost track of time and it would have probably been a mess anyway so you get a summary. I know I complain about J...

3 days ago

My hair (pic) in Everything.

It’s so hard to get a decent pic but these at least give you an idea. I always get so nervous trying to do this stuff myself. My goal was dark roots blended into the red. I was all set and ready...

September 16, 2017

Friends only! in Everything.

I have officially gone friends only. It kind of makes me sad because I enjoy the random comments and meeting new people but it is what it is. Unless I’m just being overly paranoid, I think I ma...

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