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18 minutes ago

Guys in Everything.

You know I’ve been struggling with my payroll. For Christmas we were going to adopt a family and get them gifts. (Because we don’t do gifts for adults) I came over to my sisters today and my mom...

2 days ago

Few things. in Everything.

No payroll today (yet). I told him I desperately needed it. I think I AM going to leave early today. I just hate that I feel so guilty about it. I don’t just understand why I can’t ever put mys...

2 days ago

Over it. in Everything.

Okay. I officially stopped crying now. Lol. Thanks guys <3 I just… think it’s months worth of work stress and definitely lack of sleep that got to me. I REALLY need payroll. Badly. I’m behind...

3 days ago

:( in Everything.

When the stresses finally get to you and you have a mental breakdown at your desk and cry for over an hour. I’ve never been able to take a day off work but I am so very tempted to take tomorrow ...

3 days ago

Rambling. in Everything.

Let me get this out of the way because it’s a petty complaint! (It’s not really a complaint....) I love baking. I don’t work with anyone and I don’t eat it so I don’t get to bake often. The oth...

5 days ago

Would you go? in Everything.

I’m basically just asking for opinions here. (I’m in a little debate with a friend) (I’m in the middle of writing an entry about the weekend but had this question first) So I was trying to find a...

I remember a few years ago… work would be so insane and I’d want nothing more than just to go home and be ALONE. I longed for the silent nights at home doing nothing. I was happy. I was in my lon...

September 16, 2017

Friends only! in Everything.

I have officially gone friends only. It kind of makes me sad because I enjoy the random comments and meeting new people but it is what it is. Unless I’m just being overly paranoid, I think I ma...

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