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Differentiating between a thesis and an informative statement is a real struggle for many students in academic writing. However, when help writing a thesis statement for research paper is introduced, the quality of the essay is bound to improve a lot. Therefore, to help you differentiate the two, we will look at some of the general traits for both papers. 

Characteristics of an Informative Thesis Statement

In most cases, your instructor will guide you on what to include in the thesis statement. However, not every professor will have gone the extra mile and guided you on what to include. This is because they are busy writing other papers and probably feel that they have caught all the concentration on the topic. 

In an informative statement, you are supposed to give more information about the subject without going into deep into papernow the specifics. The main point of the informative statement is to outline and elaborate on the main claim of the paper. Thus it will be a summary of the main argument raised in the research paper. Another essential point to note is that in an informative thesis, you should not go into details about the research or even the findings of the study. Anything else would obscure the essence of the document and make the readers skeptical of your views. 

What is an Informative Thesis Statement?

When writing any academic writing, you have to be clear and specific in your writing. That is why the informative thesis statement is given at the beginning of the essay. While it should be shorter than the other statements, it should be coherent and straightforward. Sometimes students confuse an informative thesis statement for a research paper. Even though the guidelines differ, they should not be disregarded because they help simplify the academic writing process. 

The length of an informative thesis statement is set depending on the amount of content that you want to include in the research paper and the length of the essay. Therefore, when writing both of them, ensure that each statement is approximately 500 words. However, when using word count guides, the limit is stated to be ten words.  

When writing both statements, ensure that you use the correct diction and explain the meaning in both of them logically. The vocabulary in both statement and essay should also be in the required citation style. When you add supporting evidence, it is allowed to complement the statements while still making sense. 

Things to Avoid in an Informative Thesis Statement

While the language might not be the original tongue, please keep it simple by presenting the information in a clear and simple manner. It is also good to avoid redundant statements that the reader may not understand. 

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