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Wooden Hamster Exercise Wheel, Quiet Wooden Little Pets Exercise Wheel Quiet Hamster Running Wheel for Hamsters Gerbil Mice Guinea Pigs and Other Little Pets
About this thing
Little Size for Your Pets This is S size for little fuzzy creatures, around 6.1x3.74x7 inch(15.5x9.5x18 cm), 6.1 inch(15.5 cm) distance across drum wheel, with 1.97 inch(5 cm) track wide. Energetically suggested for bantam hamsters, little gerbil, mice, and other comparative estimated pets, fits for them when run without bowing their backs.
Safe and Berate Material Made of top notch wood, which are sturdy and safe censure. It not just fills in as exercise toy liked for little pet games exercises yet in addition as bite toy, offers phenomenal pet teeth crushing impacts.
Totally Silent Planned by wooden with an exceptionally low commotion level (around 40dB) and double metal rollers, so can calm keep it on turning without a hitch, even your little companions resolving on the hamster practice wheel in the evening, you actually have a sweet rest.
Reliable&Stable Backing The non-tipping stand gives this wheel a firm stand, broadened and thickened wood base incredibly maintains a strategic distance from inversion through giving dependable and stable mount to the activity wheel.
Must-have Hamster Enclosure Extras Helps your hamster practice more and foster equilibrium capacity and deftness. Your fuzzy critter will cherish this hamster wheel toy as Hamsters love the hamster moving wheel like a sprinter to help them to broken fatigue and enhance their evening time, likewise keep them to practice for keeping up with their solidarity and prosperity.
Item Depiction
Different Capability Gift for Your Beautiful Pets
This wooden quiet running wheel is a little pet’s wellness and bite toy. With it, pets will presently not be desolate and exhausted. Also, it can enormously excite their advantage to do exercise and allow stout pets to accomplish the impact of weight loss.With little and adorable plan, it is alluring to little pets like hamster and other minimal fuzzy creatures.
- Strong running surface for better grasp.
- Give sports wheels to little creatures to advance creation and processing.
- With fine workmanship, the surface is protected and agreeable to climb. Incredible for hamster, mouse and other little fuzzy creatures.
- Staying silent while the pet is practicing which doesn’t influence the pet’s delicate hearing, nor does it make interruption the proprietor.
- Enthusiastically suggested for bantam hamsters, little gerbil, mice, and other comparative estimated pets, fits for them when run without twisting their backs.
Material: Wood
LxWxH: 6.1x3.74x7inch/15.5x9.5x18cm
Wheel measurement: 5.9inch/15cm
Wheel outside width: 2.36inch/6cm
Wheel internal width: 1.97inch/5cm
Bundle Included:
1 x Activity Wheel
Bantam hamster does perfect in this wheel, different wheels have tossed him out of the wheel this one is protected and doesn’t toss him out, doesn’t tumble from top of wheel to lower part of wheel, I love the plan, size and wheel activity is a lot more secure than other I have attempted, wish they made one to connect to different enclosures, I trust the plan, stable and presently I have a good sense of reassurance that hamster won’t get injured, he goes 90 miles an hour and this plan does all that it says, in addition to guards him
My bantam Hamster LOVES this wheel. She even lays in it and nods off (like in picture) it’s so adorable! I certainly suggest purchasing this wheel. The bantam hamster displayed in these photographs is a piece cushioned. Our other bantam hamster is more modest. Simply needed to indicate for size of wheel. Ideal for bantam hamsters on the cushy side or little side. This thing in a real sense makes zero clamor, love it!