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USB Rechargeable 2600mAh Battery | Handheld Desk Fan | Whisper Quiet 5-Speed
About this thing
Stay calm: This individual fan’s 6 cutting edge plan and top notch engine augments air development for ideal cooling solace
Strong YET WHISPER QUIET: Choose from 5 speed settings all while partaking faintly calm activity
Battery-powered 2600mAh BATTERY: The strong battery considers as long as 8 hours of ceaseless use in a hurry when completely energized. Accusing is a breeze of the included charging dock that serves as a base for work area activity
Helpful POWER BANK: For added comfort, this fan includes a separable power bank for charging individual electronic gadgets, for example, telephones while in a hurry
WHAT YOU GET: Charging dock, fan head, power bank, USB charging rope, wrist tie, and guidance booklet with guarantee data (1 year Limited Warranty)
Treva 10-Inch Portable Desktop Battery Fan, Powered by Battery and additionally AC Adapter - Air Circulating with 2 Cooling Speeds
About this thing
BATTERY-OPERATED POWERFUL PORTABLE FAN : With Treva’s 10” Battery-Operated Portable Fan, you can chill any place you are. Impeccably estimated, it is not difficult to move with its helpful implicit handle
Solid CONSTRUCTION: This portable fan is strongly created involving tough plastic development for durable use with a licensed fan sharp edge plan which broadens battery duration while expanding wind stream
TWO-SPEED OPERATION: Featuring a strong 10-inch cutting edge, this fan offers high and low paces to oblige your necessities. The two settings convey invigorating air with insignificant clamor to forestall interruptions
Simple TO USE: Position fan face down, slide out the battery entryway and supplement 6 D batteries following (+/ - ) marks. To work fan utilizing AC power (120-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz), utilize provided connector as it were
Double POWER SOURCES: For added comfort, the fan runs on 6 D batteries (excluded) or plug it in utilizing the included connector. Embedding the connector separates the batteries from the circuit
Included Components: Fan and Adapter
Mounting Type: Stand
BATTERY-OPERATED PORTABLE FAN : With the Treva 10-Inch Battery-Operated Portable Fan, you can chill when you’re at home, work or outside. Impeccably measured, it won’t occupy a lot of room and elements a helpful implicit handle for simple capacity and transport
Solid CONSTRUCTION : This portable fan is strongly created involving tough plastic development for durable strength and use. It likewise flaunts a protected fan cutting edge plan which expands the battery duration while boosting wind stream
TWO-SPEED OPERATION : Featuring a strong 10-inch cutting edge, this fan offers high and low rates to oblige your requirements. The two settings convey invigorating air with insignificant clamor to forestall interruptions. Number and Type of Alkaline Batteries: 6-D batteries
Simple TO USE : Position fan face down, slide out the battery entryway and addition batteries following (+/ - ) marks, then supplant entryway. Slide change situated in favor of fan to your favored setting. To work fan utilizing AC power (120-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz), utilize provided connector as it were
Double POWER SOURCES. For added comfort, the fan runs on six D-cell batteries (excluded) or you can connect it utilizing the included AC connector. Embedding the connector plug into the fan disengages the introduced batteries from the circuit

Item Description
Energy-Efficient Design: TREVA’s licensed fan edge configuration expands battery duration while augmenting wind current to supply ideal solace and accommodation. Remain cooler and more agreeable on boiling days for longer timeframes. An AC Adapter is incorporated supporting your requirement for expanded times of purpose. Portable, Two-Speed Fan: The strong two-speed, 10-inch cutting edge can be set on one or the other high or low speed to oblige your requirements. This fan includes a minimal and lightweight plan for simple vehicle and capacity, with an inherent convey handle for simple versatility. This permits you to appreciate cool solace in a sweltering office, in a residence or at school, day camp, get-away, journey ships or in your home! Battery-Operated Convenience: No Power, No Problem! TREVA’s battery worked fans are ideally suited for remaining cool when your power goes out. The fan runs on six D-cell batteries (excluded) with a rough run season of 53 hours on low and 20 hours on high. Partake in the cool, reviving breeze any spot you go, or when your confronted with power interferences because of typhoons, and nasty weather conditions.
Totally extraordinary fan! Extremely peaceful with great wind stream. Our own has been consistent for a considerable length of time regardless pressing onward. We normally use battery power and it goes for quite a long time. At the point when the battery power gets low, the fan dials back yet continues onward. Re-energizing the 6 D cells takes some time however, so the AC power string can prove to be useful.
We have utilized this all around the house. I accepted it to my position for a couple of months to get new outside air when we re-opened after Covid. The fan sat in the window ledge pleasantly with the 6 D cells providing it with a low focus of gravity.
At home, the compactness is serious areas of strength for a without any wires to disrupt everything and can be found anyplace.
I added a felt to the base so it wouldn’t scratch furniture; that likewise assisted calm down vibration with noising on one lopsided surface. A few clients probably won’t care for the slide switch, yet I find that you don’t coincidentally turn it on or off with this kind of switch.
Size is for more modest region, for example, TV region, supper table, kitchen, office and so on not really for a whole room.
Assuming you need a solid, calm fan that you can put anyplace, go with this one !
A blackout in the level of Texas summer is just about the most exceedingly terrible thing that can occur. During one that endured a few hours, I wound up driving across town and taking my older canine shopping, just to get her inside some place that had a/c. All the more as of late, we’ve had some short blackouts, enduring perhaps an hour each. In any case, that is sufficient time for my condo to go from somewhat hotter than-I’d-jump at the chance to my-family room is-a-consuming damnation. Searching for a plan B, I chose to check whether battery worked fans were even a thing, and that is the point at which I found this O2Cool fan. I was a little anxious about getting it, since a couple of commentators said theirs didn’t work or didn’t stand the test of time, however a couple of surveys from typhoon regions made them need to check it out. So I requested one and crossed my fingers.
Most importantly, I like the size and plan. This isn’t one of those little palm-sized USB fans; it’s something like a foot wide altogether, with a 10” range inside for the genuine fan sharp edges. It’s marginally taller than it is wide, yet it’s profundity is conservative. The vented cover is estimated perfectly for me to not coincidentally slip a finger inside when I get it, however it has a conveying handle if you have any desire to play it truly protected. It accompanies A/C connector, which I suppose is great, yet I don’t actually require. Of course, it might prove to be useful on the off chance that one of my two normal fans goes out and I want a brief substitution.
It’s sort of a battery hoard in that it needs 6 D-batteries to run, yet truly, I feel that is something to be thankful for. Any less, and it’d be a lot more modest, more fragile fan that wouldn’t endure any time whatsoever. I haven’t had event to run it for a really long time and hours, however as per different clients, it endures 9+ hours on high and, surprisingly, longer on low. I feel that will be a lot to help me through the following blackout. Furthermore, about those low and high velocities… This thing has extraordinary wind stream. I would have no desire to set it up 10 feet from me, yet since it’s not attached to a line or outlet, that won’t be an issue. On low speed, there’s a lot of wind current, and on rapid, it’s marvelous. It’s somewhat less strong than the 22” corded super fans I use consistently.
With everything taken into account, I’d say this is an amazing purchase. I was dazzled enough with the first that I promptly requested a second, and both function admirably with both the A/C connector and batteries. I’m loaded up on D batteries now, as well, so it seems as though I’m set to brave the following blackout in solace!
Update 12/1/2108: I purchased two of these fans to help me through a blackout, which hasn’t occurred at this point. Yet, half a month prior, my loft’s a/c went out around midnight, and the two fans I brought into the room simply weren’t sufficient. I wound up snatching one of these battery worked fans, meaning to utilize the incorporated A/C rope, and set it up on my end table. In any case, in my lethargic, overheated trance, I turned it on and immediately nodded off - - neglecting to connect it. After six hours, I awakened and called upkeep, and they had my a/c fixed quick. Then, at that point, I went to turn off and take care of this fan, just to acknowledge I’d left it running on high for 6 hours on only battery power! So indeed, I can now guarantee that these little fans run perfectly for essentially a few hours.
Update: Here I am. Blackout. Texas. Summer. While my neighbors sit in their entryways attempting to get a powerless breeze, my canine and I are easily relaxing on the couch, a fan prepared on every one of us, while she rests and I read my Kindle. This is EXACTLY the situation I needed to be ready for, and these fans are all that I’d expected!
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