Benefits of HB-5: What Does Research Say?

by alanasmcconnell

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Hormonal Harmony has not completed trials in clinical trials with HB-5 to confirm the weight loss benefits. The company does claim that one woman lost 34 pounds in 90 days after using the supplement.

Some evidence suggests that cinnamon extract could influence insulin levels. Many people with diabetes and those who are pre-diabetic take cinnamon extract every day to control their blood sugar. Researchers administered cinnamon extract to their participants and then monitored their progress over the course of 60 days. Researchers found that cinnamon extract did not alter the levels of glucose in diabetic patients when compared with the placebo.

Other studies on cinnamon extract have found contradictory results with insulin. In this review from 2010 researchers looked at cinnamon extract studies and discovered some studies proved that cinnamon extract worked - while other studies showed cinnamon extract was not different from placebos. Most studies utilized a similar amount of cinnamon extract in HB-5 (500mg). Among the very best means to acquire great tip concerning hb5 reviews is going to Walnutcrossfit.comsite.

The makers of HB-5 assert they believe that Rhodiola Rosea extract can target cortisol (the stress hormone). Rhodiola Rosea is a natural remedy for stress as well as anti-aging and anti-fatigue properties due to an active ingredient known as salidroside. That’s why traditional medicine practitioners have recommended Rhodiola Rosea for many centuries. Numerous studies have proven that Rhodiola Rosea has been proven to ease physical and mental stress. It’s just not clear if it lowers cortisol, as suggested by HB-5.

The HB-5 African mango extract claims to target leptin which is the hormone the hormone responsible for appetite. You can buy a wide range of African mango extract supplements sold online today, including supplements that target belly fat and fat-burning. Although there is some evidence to suggest that African mango extract could aid in weight loss. But, only a small amount of evidence has been uncovered to prove that it can boost or decrease levels of leptin.

There are people who take supplements with kelp regularly to boost thyroid function. The study found that supplementation with kelp was more beneficial to thyroid function than placebo in a 2003 study. After 4 weeks of taking a kelp supplement, participants had significantly higher levels of thyroxine than the placebo group. There were however no changes in base metabolic rate between the two groups.

There is some evidence that HB-5’s ingredients may assist in weight loss. However, there are limited studies that show they significantly increase or decrease hormone levels or aid in losing 34 pounds in just 90 days.


The HB-5 weight loss supplement which promises to bring about significant weight loss results quickly. The HB-5 supplement can help you break down hormones and accelerate weight loss. A naturopathic doctor created the supplement to aid women lose weight.