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February 09, 2014

A Whole Year Already??

I seriously just can't believe it. Where did the time go? How on earth could she be a while year old alreasy.. I mean it was just yesterday I found out I was having a baby and now... shes a t...

December 31, 2013

*31* Happy 2014

Happy New Year From My Family To Yours!!!

Since we're just staying at home eating pizza... im wearing my sweats!!!

December 29, 2013

*29* Snow Sledding

Now that im a momma im gonna have to start doing this again... I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!

December 28, 2013

*27* SnowMan or SnowPeople

My favorite Christmas ornament! Frosty Fell down! !

December 28, 2013

*28* Ice Sickles

My friend took this picture of her hammock! !

December 27, 2013

*26* Wish you has gotten

My sister, my niece, my Brother in-law and my Nephews came home for Christmas??????

December 25, 2013

*25* Christmas Gifts

Lots and lots!!! Even though my peanu th is sick... it was a grest day! !

December 25, 2013

*24* Milk and cookies! !

Homemade just for Santa!!

December 23, 2013

*23* Christmas Lights

My peanut loves them!

My nephews !!!

December 21, 2013

*21* Santa

My peanut ! Our little family!!

December 20, 2013

*20* Christmas Tree

My tree before I added extra ornaments lol

December 19, 2013

*19* Most loved Christmas Song

Christmas in Denver is one of the most amazing things ever!!!!

My lil chunkie Santa Claus!!!!

All time favorite! !!!! Could watch it 1000 x's

December 16, 2013

*15* Christmas Card

I want the Ellen "Kim and Kanye" mock card! Lol

December 14, 2013

*14* Fire Place

My gizmo loves the fire!!

December 13, 2013

*13* Candy Canes

The decor behind my Christmas tree!

December 12, 2013

*12* Ugly Sweater


December 12, 2013

*11* Christmas cup or mug

This is my Christmas mug lol. I'm buying it for myself for christmas!

December 10, 2013

*10* Christmas Drink

Yes please!

December 09, 2013

*9* Christmas Stockings

Grandma and Grandpa got Nykaila and Makenzie their Christmas stockings! Nykaila' s Kenzie's Love them! !!!

December 08, 2013

*8* Wreath

Saw these today. I've never actually owned one!

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