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PSM Co., Ltd. has strived for the development of atmospheric pressure plasma technology through constant technological innovation and R&D investment for almost 20 years since its foundation in 2001. PSM is now leading the global market with its core atmospheric plasma technology based on such long-time accumulated expertise.

Through technological prowess, PSM has grown into a world-class plasma company that is well recognized in the global market as well as the Korean domestic market in various industries.
PSM’s overseas customers located in major manufacturing countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, USA, and new customers are increasing in Southeast Asia countries. semiconductor packaging technology

PSM currently possesses lots of patents for its proprietary atmospheric plasma technologies and continues to invest in technological innovation and quality improvement. PSM plans to build a more efficient management system with the establishment of the ERP system and the ISO9000 and ISO14000.

PSM M-Plasma series is a highly efficient atmospheric pressure plasma module to be applicable to smartphone assembly processes such as touch panel laminating and coating pre-treatment process. PSM M-Plasma series can be used mainly for surface cleaning and surface refinement of glass, plastics, and the polymer surface. PSM M-Plasma series is especially effective in removing organic matter so that it may be used to improve the adhesion when over-layer coating on the surface of glass and polymer. vacuum plasma technique

Great features and merits of PSM M-Plasma series
 It has a very good cleaning effect and surface modification characteristics
(2-3 times higher cleaning effect than the existing atmospheric pressure module)
 The gap between sample and electrode is larger than the existing electrode (~5 mm Max.)
 Stable and safe use of electrodes is possible with the low operating voltage (~8kV) and low power (0.5~1.5kW).
 It is applicable as roll-to-roll equipment to CPI/UTG substrate surface cleaning and coating pre-treatment processes