Atmospheric pressure plasma application to Bio-medical industry l PSM

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PSM Co., Ltd. is leading the plasma-application equipment and device market with its original proprietary atmospheric plasma technology. PSM’s Plasma Systems is widely used in plasma technology application industry such as Semiconductor, PCB, LCD, Material, and Bio-medical industries.

PSM’s atmospheric pressure plasma cleaning system technology is the new advanced plasma system that can overcome the limitations and drawbacks of the existing low-pressure vacuum plasma technique. Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Cleaning System

PSM Plasma Application to Bio-medical industry is AP plasma M-plasma series equipment (M electrode) applied to the pretreatment process of Enzyme coating for blood glucose sensor.
PSM M-Plasma Series is the high efficiency atmospheric pressure plasma module. It is mainly used for surface fine cleaning and surface refinement, especially ideal for surface treatment of glass, plastics, and polymer.

In addition, it is suitable for removing the organic substance from the surface of glass and polymer so that it may be used to improve the adhesion when coating over-layers on the surface of glass and polymer. PSM M-Plasma series shows the cleansing effect higher not less than 3 times than conventional atmospheric pressure modules.

And the Gap between Sample and Electrode is larger than existing pole up to 5 mm Maximum. Also,
it is able to use safe and stable use of electrode due to the low operating voltage of less than 8KV and the low consumption power of 05 to 1.5KW.

APM-M200S is the PSM’s M-series plasma equipment (M electrode) to be exclusively designed for Bio-medical industry application. semiconductor packaging technology korea

Great features and merits of APM System– M200S
 Atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment system using M electrode
 Applied to the surface treatment process for blood glucose sensor and blood glucose sheets
 Vacuum plasma equipment is applied to the surface treatment process of the blood pumping module
 Treatment width is 200 mm (the treatment width can be expanded), and the transfer method of the equipment is selective of conveyor type or stage type