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November 21, 2020

day1-of shift

So I recently started studying after a gap of many months for my exams but now that i want to study the school is giving us work which could be done later on. Right now they should be giving us t...

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Hello everyone I am new to this website hope to get along you’ll!!! So recently I started studying for my exams after 7 months due to covid and now that I want to study my school keeps on sending us work which is totally waste for the time being they want us to complete whole practical file and books in 3 days about which they never mentioned before.....moreover we students who attended online classes since the beginning didn’t got attendance and those who were in dummy and never came to classes have full attendance this is so unfair ....while I think about hating them on the other hand I try to complete the work and stay calm my mood keeps on shifting every four seconds..Is it oy me or you guys have to go through this as well?? I mean partiality to the peak