PSM Material Applications of AP (Atmospheric Pressure) Reel to Reel Plasma Treatment System

by PSM Korea

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PSM Plasma Systems is global leader plasma technology for Semiconductor, PCB, LCD and Material industries.
We PSM Inc. has rich experience and excellent staffs who have developed and commercialized various highly evaluated optimized processing techniques and practical manufacturing systems which are related to Semiconductor & Display industry, PCB & FCCL industry and other polymer industries over 10 years in the Institute for Advanced Engineering. atmospheric pressure plasma technique
The atmospheric pressure plasma technique is a new advanced plasma system, which can overcome the limit of existing low-pressure vacuum plasma technique.
This is indeed useful technique that is able to improve productivity and quality simultaneously not only for semiconductor/displays/electronic parts, but for low-temperature material industry such as polymer & plastic / FPCB & FCCL by a possible in-line process. We PSM Inc. are expanding and thriving based on the diverse world-leading essential patents of atmospheric pressure plasma techniques throughout the following four areas: semiconductor packaging/display dry cleaning/polymer materials, surface treatments /environmental system; furthermore, our technology has acquired a reputation in a wide range of areas.
AP (Atmospheric Pressure) Plasma System Can treat substrate automatic in-line process. PSM NPT series AP plasma system is applicable for whole back-end line of Material. This NPT series provides good uniformity and process consistency.
Reel to Reel Plasma Treatment System:
PSM NPT-307 offers reel-to-reel Plasma system using atmospheric pressure plasma, and its application for COF, TCP, TCM packaging process, such as IC chip bumping process, sealing resin process, ACF bonding process, etc. Cellular phone case Treatment System
The NPT-307 is specially designed for an effective plasma treatment for a surface modification and cleaning of a reel printed circuit board (RPCB) in order to improve on wet ability, adhesion, plating, bump bonding, molding and so forth.
The system has un-winder reel, winder reel, Plasma electrode, MF (30kHz) power supply, process gases and PLC interface unit.
• Pre-treatment for IC chip bumping process (TCP, COF, TCM)
• Pre-treatment for solder resist printing
• Pre-treatment for molding process (epoxy seal)
• Pre-treatment for ACF bonding
• highest quality
• operator friendly
• dry, environmentally friendly technique
• low operation cost
• short treatment times