PSM Vacuum Plasma Cleaner for PCB Desmear (NPT-V31) & Teflon Activation

by PSM Korea

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PSM Plasma Systems is global leader plasma technology for Semiconductor, PCB, LCD and Material industries. We PSM Inc. has rich experience and excellent staffs who have developed and commercialized various highly evaluated optimized processing techniques and practical manufacturing systems which are related to Semiconductor & Display industry, PCB & FCCL industry and other polymer industries over 10 years in the Institute for Advanced Engineering.
The atmospheric pressure plasma technique is a new advanced plasma system, which can overcome the limit of existing low-pressure vacuum plasma technique.
This is indeed useful technique that is able to improve productivity and quality simultaneously not only for semiconductor/displays/electronic parts, but for low-temperature material industry such as polymer & plastic / FPCB & FCCL by a possible in-line process. We PSM Inc. are expanding and thriving based on the diverse world-leading essential patents of atmospheric pressure plasma techniques throughout the following four areas: semiconductor packaging/display dry cleaning/polymer materials, surface treatments /environmental system; furthermore, our technology has acquired a reputation in a wide range of areas. Vacuum Plasma Technique Korea
Atmospheric pressure plasma discharge system requires no vacuum systems and chambers, because using specially designed electrode and power sources technique, the plasma can be easily generated at 1atm (760 torr).
Vacuum Plasma System:
PCB Desmear (NPT-V31)
The NPT-V31 plasma system is widely used for the surface cleaning and modification process of PCB Desmear and material treating.
PSM NPT-V31 plasma system has been applied the treatment of PCB& FPCB Desmear and Etch back
Major Applications:
• PCB&FPCB Desmear
• Teflon Surface Activation (Pretreatment for Cu Plating)
• Cleans Carbon Residues after Laser Machining
• Clean Ware Mesh for Line Pattern Process.
• Plasma Source: MF (Medium Frequency) Power
• Sample Size: 460(W)×610(D)
• Process Efficiency: 1200-2400 sec/batch
• PLC Control with Colour Touch Screen
• Sliding Door Type
• Process Gas: CF4, N2, O2 (with MFC control)
• Power Source: AC 220V, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase
• Electrode: Vertical Type Shelf Plasma Surface Treatment Equipment Korea
System Features:
• Plasma Efficiency Improvement & Short Process Time by Optimized Design of Electrode
• Environmentally Friendly Process and Safe Working Condition