A Picture with Words

by Doris Hall

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Good educators attempt to inspire better, more descriptive writing from their students whether they are in elementary school or attending a university. Descriptive writing prompts are a way for teachers to get students to contribute their own unique perspectives on a topic, while using a variety of vocabulary words and literary techniques. Descriptive writing prompts can be used for short creative writing assignments or to begin an essay or thesis paper. This list discusses some different prompts and ways to use them when you want pay to write my essay and get teaching from proffesionals.
Some teachers find that using a descriptive writing prompt helps students to focus their imagery. Try using short, direct prompts, such as “after the rain” or “my hero.” Daily Writing Prompt describes how to use prompts like these to develop portfolios of student work.
For those who want to become writers, the process is one that requires daily dedication. It takes practice to be able to describe situations using a variety of feelings, moods, and characterizations. Creative Writing Now encourages the development of this kind of creative ability through the use of different prompts such as “Describe your physical appearance” and “Describe the smell and feel of your pillow.” The site suggests keeping a daily journal of responses to prompts like these.
Story It is a website that uses pictures as descriptive writing prompt. Because it doesn’t present specific wording, or any wording at all, a picture is an excellent method to spark your student writers’ imaginations in different ways. Each of your students is likely to provide a different description of the photograph or base a completely unique story upon it. An example of a photograph from the site that will get your students’ creative juices going is a picture of a cabin the middle of the woods. Many people describe the look and feel of houses in different ways, so this picture prompt should elicit a lot of different perspectives.Story It offers different themes including seasonal picture prompts, holiday celebration photographs, vegetation, and environments. These photographs can be chosen in accordance with what is currently being studied in class in order to encourage cross-disciplinary studies.