PSM’s Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Cleaning System for Polymer Surface Treatment

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We PSM Inc. has rich experience and excellent staffs who have developed and commercialized various highly evaluated optimized processing techniques and practical manufacturing systems which are related to Semiconductor & Display industry, PCB & FCCL industry and other polymer industries over 10 years in the The atmospheric pressure plasma technique is a new advanced plasma system, which can overcome the limit of existing low-pressure vacuum plasma techniqueInstitute for Advanced Engineering.
What is atmospheric pressure plasma?
Atmospheric pressure plasma discharge system requires no vacuum systems and chambers, because using specially designed electrode and power sources technique, the plasma can be easily generated at 1atm (760 torr). So, it could be the best solution for the company which requires continuous in-line plasma processing for mass production.
Material Applications AP (Atmospheric Pressure) Plasma System
AP (Atmospheric Pressure) Plasma System can treat substrate automatic in-line process.
PSM NPT series AP plasma system is applicable for whole back-end line of Material. Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Cleaning System
This NPT series provides good uniformity and process consistency.
Polymer Surface Treatment (Npt203/Npt304)
Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Cleaning System for Polymer Surface Treatment
NPT-203 can apply for primer pre-treatment and primer skip process. It is using as pre-treatment for PMMA, PC, PC+GF etc. and very effective for painting-rolled failure, pin hole and higher reliability.
It makes cost down and environment friendly working place by skipped or substituted primer process. Currently there are various failures in print and deposition process by using various material and ink. Typical failures are peel off, ink-spreading and reliability. NPT-304 is good for improving organic cleaning and adhesion property as pre-treatment for hard coating and printing. atmospheric pressure plasma technique
Additionally, PSM System minimized its running cost by using air only for plasma generation.
Various application of Polymer: PMMA, PC, PE, PP etc.
Increased Adhesion Property: by pre-cleaning of print and deposition.
Cost Down: by skipped primer process