PSM Material Applications of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Cleaning System for Polymer Surface Treatment

by PSM Korea

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PSM Plasma Systems is global leader plasma technology for Semiconductor, PCB, LCD and Material industries.
We PSM Inc. has rich experience and excellent staffs who have developed and commercialized various highly evaluated optimized processing techniques and practical manufacturing systems which are related to Semiconductor & Display industry, PCB & FCCL industry and other polymer industries over 10 years in the Institute for Advanced Engineering.
Material Application:
NPT 203, NPT 304
NPT-203 can apply for primer pretreatment and primer skip process.
It is using as pretreatment for PMMA, PC, PC+GF etc and very effective for painting-rolled failure, pin hole and higher reliability. Glass panel cleaning system supplier
It makes cost down and environment friendly working place by skipped or substituted primer process.
Currently there are various failures in print and deposition process by using various material and ink.
Typical failures are peel off, ink-spreading and reliability. NPT-304 is good for improving organic cleaning and adhesion property as pretreatment for hard coating and printing.
Additionally, PSM System minimized its running cost by using air only for plasma generation.
• Various application of Polymer: PMMA, PC, PE, PP etc
• Increased Adhesion Property: by pre-cleaning of print and deposition.
• Cost Down: by skipped primer process
NPT-203 Specifications:
• Dimension:1,100 (W)×900(D)×1,500(H)
• Plasma Type: Atmospheric Direct Plasma
• Plasma Width:~600 mm (Adjustable)
• Speed: 10~30 mm/sec (Depend on Sample)
• Process Gas:Air
• Power: 3 Phase, 220/380V, AC 50/60Hz
• Process Control:
• Plasma Run/Stop, Voltage Regulation,
• Plasma Status, System Interlock, Manual On/Off
System Feature System Feature:
• Low Maintenance Cost & Cost-free Process Gas (Ambient air)
• Easy Installation without Extra Gas Line Utility
• Effective Plasma Generation Due to the Negative Pressure
• Around Electrode (20%~30% improvement)
• Patented Technology
NPT-304 Specifications:
• Dimension: 1,500(W) x 1,250(D) x 1,350(H)
• Plasma Generator: 20~50KHZ/4~8KW (Frequency/Power)
• Plasma Type: Spray Plasma
• Plasma Treatment Area: 600mm-variable for customer requirement
• Running Speed: 10~80mm/sec (depend on Samples)
• Process Gas: N2, Air Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Cleaning System
• Input power: 220/380V, AC50/60HZ, 3phase
• Process Control/Monitor: Plasma run/stop, Voltage regulation, Plasma status, System trip signal Interlock Maintenance mode
System Features:
• Low Process Cost with Chip Process Gas (N2, Air)
• Stable Process for Conductive and Nonconductive Materials
• Easy Operation with automatic programming (PLC control)
• No degradation of the specific bulk properties (optical visibility of cellular phone window)