PSM Material Applications of Cellular Phone Case Treatment System

by PSM Korea

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PSM Plasma Systems is global leader plasma technology for Semiconductor, PCB, LCD and Material industries.
We PSM Inc. has rich experience and excellent staffs who have developed and commercialized various highly evaluated optimized processing techniques and practical manufacturing systems which are related to Semiconductor & Display industry, PCB & FCCL industry and other polymer industries over 10 years in the Institute for Advanced Engineering.
PSM Plasma offers a wide range of glow plasma surface treatment equipment for adhesion process of cellular phone case packaging, such as screen printing, case bonding.
Adhesion between the substrate and the material applied onto it plays a critical role for adhesive bonding, printing and for coating, such as varnish, metallization, etc. In this case, a number of mechanisms and factors may be responsible for the adhesion, such as the wetting of the substrate, its morphology, polarity, formation of chemical links between the substrate and coating, etc. Minimal contamination on the surface as well as the formation of a so-called weak boundary layer can drastically reduce the adhesion levels. cellular phone case packaging manufacturer
Numerous methods are used, depending on the “contact partners”, to achieve good adhesion, including treatment with solvent base and aqueous solutions, flame treatment and corona treatment. However, these are also subject to numerous restrictions and disadvantages, such as material consumption and environmental contamination in the case of wet cleaner, or reproducibility problems in the case of flame treatment and corona. Pretreatment of products before adhesive bonding or coating may take several hours.
PSM Plasma influence a number of surface characteristics which are critical for good adhesion
• The surface can be cleaned and roughened
• it is made polar and thus wettable Glass panel cleaning system supplier
• the sub-surface material is cross-linked, increasing its mechanical and chemical stability, and
• the surface can be provided with chemical functional groups resulting in to a chemical interaction
(E.g. by reactions with the functions of the adhesive) between the substrate and the coating or the adhesive.
In this case, even a treatment duration of only a few minutes or seconds is sufficient to drastically improve adhesion.
• Pre-treatment of window case parts prior to dispense bonding process
• Pre-treatment of frame case for double sided tape bonding application
• Highest quality
• Operator friendly
• Dry, environmental friendly technique
• Low operation cost
• Short treatment times