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2 days ago

Ice challenge ..

In a moment of anger, she told him: (Take anything belongs to you and leave) 😭 he held her hand and said (this is the thing I always want) She smiled and felt relived. But He added: 😍 I mean the...

4 days ago

Request ..

I asked them to write my eulogy in advance .. I must correct some lies !

6 days ago


If creative work protects a man against mental illness.. it is small wonder that he pursues it with avidity… Anthony Storr

February 09, 2020

Civil eng. Graduates. .

February 06, 2020

I won..!

Feb. 5, 2020, 4:05 p.m. | Public I recall when entered the interview room …new suit shoes .. enticing perfumes (Chanel bunts Prada 😊) I was totally harnessed for any questions ..I answered ...

February 03, 2020

Faith ..

If art is the mimicking of nature .. then the creation of nature is maximal creativity .. !

January 26, 2020

Eve's old cloak..

It’s not just Harry & Meghan’s ambition … it’s the traditional war between in-laws …Doria and the Qween ! ♨

January 26, 2020

Women ..

It is not just Harry & Meghan’s ambition … it’s the traditional war between in-laws …Doria and the Qween ! ♨

January 16, 2020


“The only thing worse than a boy who hates you: a boy that loves you.” — Markus Zusak

January 14, 2020

Random ..

In law a man is guilty when he violates the rights of others. In ethics he is guilty if he only thinks of doing so. Immanuel Kant

January 08, 2020

Pages ..!

Elizabeth Wurtzel died on Tuesday, Her book (Prozac Nation) has gained a remarkable dose of criticism .. however, the author succeeded in soaking the reader into demons of depression and severe ...

January 02, 2020

New year

2019 was closed … The question remains .. how many persons I managed to please last year ?

December 23, 2019

Mourning ..!

I have talked to Eve inside you .. I got no answer just a chill of a silent nodd.. And the fall .. And the niche .. A place to bury remains of my defeated soul ..

December 15, 2019

Note ..!!

If a couple of gray pigeons land on your window every morning .. huming , cooing and kissing .. I think they have a message they want to dispatch ..

December 12, 2019

Without you ..

When I lose a friend … I feel I’m a facade dropping piece of its mosaic …

December 09, 2019

Beyond Boundaries...

How come … space and time have separated us .. yet we share the same dream every night !

November 29, 2019

In the night ,,

The song , the candle..the mirror .. everything reminds me of you … and that is why I talk to your pillow every night before I fall asleep..!

November 25, 2019

Still kicking ..

Few days of cold (humane weakness)..Back again to tease my fate, mock my thoughts .. Yet still swinging between sublimation and sarcasm.

November 14, 2019

Farewell. .

And you promise me unflappable grief .. don’t you know I was born tombstone…

November 12, 2019

Amen ..

Blessed those who showed me my demerits ..!

November 08, 2019


I lock the old city gates Pretend insane .. Steal all of The Sultan’s books And Princess’s mirrors and panes.. Yet, I haven’t found the truth Or even eased my pain..

November 02, 2019


When your charm smiles .. all words yawn !

October 29, 2019

Washed by waves ..

Then we met .. together we sat down .. on the sand we wrote the date (day/month/year) was our real birthday !

October 28, 2019


Silence won’t be a tryst to me … I served you all my words .. !

October 23, 2019

That is real one..!

When I see a flock of storks heading south..crossing seas and oceans..flying in couples motivated by passion and adventure..seem happy, though it is one-way-ticket because return flight is not gu...

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