Off to bed in 2020 A Year to Focus on ME

  • Jan. 15, 2020, 7:15 a.m.
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Arizona is off to bed, which means I’m here!

I’ve been binge watching Life in Pieces from the start, thank you Hulu. I’ve seen most of the show, I’ve loved it from the first episode I ever saw a few years ago.

I can only assume he’s stalking Lily through the fan, it’s the only thing that makes sense.
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I’m not super tired because I napped today.

I didn’t finish the damn scarf. I’ll keep at it tomorrow. The yarn is running lower and lower. I figured I’d see how long I could make it with what I had, no new yarn would be purchased. I had leftover yarn when I initially made it the first time, now it’s a tighter pattern which I wanted because it’s cold in Green Bay, they have real winters unlike Texas.

Dinner turned out decent. I dried and seasoned the pork chops, I seared them and then removed from the pan and cooked the mushrooms. I added things as they were called for and when the sauce looked saucy and mushrooms looked done, I drained the mushrooms from the sauce (which never thickened even though I added cornstarch) and returned the pork to the pan and let it finish cooking. I followed a “recipe” to cook up the orzo as well so that was different. Combined it was all just fine. I had to convince Arizona to take leftovers for lunch. He knows I won’t eat the mushrooms so unless he wants to throw more food away dude should just take leftovers for lunch.

I’m supposed to make chicken fajita soup for dinner next. I’m thinking of tweaking it and turning it into a pasta dish instead. Or figuring out something else but keeping leftovers to a minimum.

B did her chores today, it’s becoming more of a habit now and I’m on her more to be sure things get done. She’s still half assing it. Kitchen counters aren’t being wiped off, she’s not fully rinsing or drying dishes. I ate out of a dish that tasted like dish soap. I had her clean her bathroom but she left all the cleaning supplies on the counter and a sink full of nasty water among other things. Slowly but surely she’ll have these things down to a science. She’s also listening to the cell phone out of her room by 930. It’s giving her more down time to relax and do other things.

I had a mess of things I wanted to write but I seem to have forgotten.

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