Something new in 2020 A Year to Focus on ME

  • Jan. 14, 2020, 4:49 p.m.
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Trying something new…I forget that the laptop has webcam capabilities.

This is why my hand cramps while I make this silly little scarf. My left hand is ALWAYS in this curved position holding the loom like it’s a tambourine with an attitude ready to get away from me. My right hand is the working hand because I’m right handed. 😉

You have to click to see it, no idea if I can add a video to this, I haven’t figured it out if it’s possible.

I learned I can only upload videos to imgur is they are 60 seconds so I had to trim it. Good info because I was hoping to get Finn on video vs photos.

I was hoping to have it done by tonight and it’s still a possibility. I just chose to sleep a little today since I was up late last night watching my Redbox movies. I didn’t even get to my 3rd movie.

I’m attempting a pork chop in a creamy mushroom sauce over orzo for dinner tonight. I’m not really looking forward to it. It’s a time consuming meal and has mushrooms which I don’t like. I’m hoping I can scoop them out and set to the side for Arizona, this was the plan when I showed him this meal and he was game.

Arizona has to travel for work and is booking everything for after B’s spring break. I’m looking forward to this because he will be gone for about 4 or 5 days. He knows how I feel about this. I’m fucking EXCITED. Honestly if we could make it work I’d be more like his dad and step mom with a house in WI and one in TX. I’d do the snow bird thing. Bring on the long distance!!! 😁

I’m looking at some things for Finn. :) I ordered a siphon thing to suck out the dirty stuff in the rocks and make tank cleaning easier we’ll see how I like it, I’ve never had one it seems sort of fussy for a 5 gallon tank but I could be wrong. I’ve always just done a full replacement of water every month with water conditioner. I’m ordering him a feeding ring to keep all his food in one place for feeding. And since he doesn’t use his hammock leaf I’ve ordered him a floating betta log and will swap them out. I’m contemplating getting him a friend, either a mystery snail or an African Dwarf Frog. I won’t do it for a few weeks. I think the frog is more along the lines of the right friend simply because I’ve had them before and because mystery snails don’t have a long life span and if I’m going to siphon the crap out of the gravel it may not help a snail thrive. I use to keep a betta with other fish in a larger tank, I miss having a bigger fish family– it’s been a looooong time. If I get a frog (I’d likely get a pair and Finn is a brat I do have the 2.5 gallon tank to turn to....I used to keep ADF’s in bowls. B really wants an ADF....

A few of my anniversary candles arrived broken. Sadly they are replacing half the order and refunding the difference because my FAVORITE ones are out of stock. So I’m getting replacements of the ones that weren’t even broken and money back for the ones that were. 😭😭😭 I’ll be using the broken ones I’ll just cut them up and add them to my wax warmer.

It’s time to go cook…Wish me luck.

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