He finally did something in ❄ Winter 2019/2020 ❄

  • Jan. 14, 2020, 8:08 a.m.
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So he actually washed dishes and kept the laundry cycling. I will fold the clothes today. He did get drunk and high and kept trying to annoy me all day though. I sometimes wish I had someone just a bit more independent.

I checked TurboTax since I got my w-2s early and I was disappointed. Sure I make more money this time around, but they take more and don’t give as much back. Even with my job paying for my health insurance, I only got 600. Ugh! So frustrating. Last year I made less money and got back more. I guess it’s better than nothing and its better than owing. I just had it in my mind that I was gonna get this fat check. Oh well.

So I was all bummed about that and even when I explained it to my bf, he still wouldn’t stop bothering me, wanting attention. Like, will you let someone just get over something, relax, and give them a break without you continuing to act immature, asking when food will be ready repetitively when you just ate but you’re high. So annoying! I really starting to hate when he gets high, and he’s doing that to avoid getting drunk, but it’s just as annoying!

And he’s always saying my name like he needs my attention, I say “what?” and then he says “nothing” or “I love you” like a child or wont even answer and just says my name again.. Or he’ll do this when I’m busy with something or if I’m using the restroom. I can’t even take a shit in peace! He acts like a child and is always fucking with me and sure it was funny in the beginning, but now it’s just fucking annoying. I try telling him to stop, but he just won’t. He gets off on me getting mad at him. And then if I say something mean or get really angry, I’m the fucking bitch. It’s like dude, you kept pushing me to be this way because you won’t fucking stop! It’s everyday..

I just some fucking peace. I’m praying he doesnt have VTO today because I dont wanna deal with him like this my whole weekend. I want some hours to myself.

Aislinn January 14, 2020

washing dishes and keeping the laundry cycling....
these are the soundtrack of m'life :-D

The Minx January 16, 2020

Do u think he may have a mental issue? Im not trying to be funny either.

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