6 Reasons Why Everyone Likes the Loft Style in Business

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Loft style which is especially popular among American bohemians of the 50s is experiencing its rebirth in the 21st century. Everyone who wants to bring calm, freedom, and respectability to the interior is choosing loft style. If someone has forgotten, a loft means a factory space in which minimalism, deliberate negligence, extraordinary spaciousness, and comfort have gathered together.

1. Factory Aesthetics

The loft style is the freedom of expression, unlimited by nothing but the budget. Typical signs of style are rough brick walls, plank floors, lack of partitions, vintage furniture, and eclectic decor elements. To emphasize the atmosphere of style, you can add unusual decor as chrome plumbing, retro posters, neon signs, or designer tripod floor lamps.

2. Minimalistic Palette

The loft style palette dictates a love for restrained and neutral shades. Gray and wood brown are preferred. Often such an interior seems very boring, and to avoid this it is enough to add a few knitted or woolen details and make at least one accent wall from red-brown brick. It will perfectly fit into the style and can serve as the basis for hanging paintings, mirrors, or photographs.

3. Plenty of Light

Modern luxury means large spaces and an abundance of light, and all this is about the loft. Large, often panoramic residential aluminum windows without curtains and high ceilings make the room unusually bright and spacious. When designing lighting in a loft style apartment, the designer is guided by an important rule that beauty where there is a sense of proportion.

The main design focus is on the main chandelier. It is will the center of the whole interior and will set the tone. For this reason, it is not recommended to install floor lamps and table lamps next to it.

4. Environmental Friendliness

Loft style is an ideal solution for those who love the eco-friendly decor. Natural materials not only add softness to the brutal atmosphere of the interior but also make it safer. Bronze figurines, woolen carpets, mirrors in metal frames, furniture made of natural wood or leather which are not necessarily must be new. A vintage restored chest of drawers will look great on a red-brown brick background and at the same time will save a lot of money.

5. Multifunctionality

Many consider the absence of walls in the loft an ideal basis for demonstrating an eclectic industrial style. It is rather an empty canvas, where you have a free space that you can arrange and create in accordance with your needs and preferences. It is worth adding that the apartments in the loft style are very convenient to use as an office. An individual entrepreneur can place there not only a fax, printer, and cooler but also engage in retail trade open a clothes showroom, especially if the building has a good location.

6. Furniture

Furniture quite often used for zoning the room. The bar is designed to distinguish a recreation area (living room) and a kitchen. Loft interior is designed to host a large number of guests, which means there should be a maximum number of seats as sofas, chairs, bean bags, poufs, etc.

As for the furniture design itself, these should be some extraordinary solutions with unexpected details and elements. Two extremes can be observed which are only vintage or ultra-modern and there is no third. In the finished interior of loft living rooms is very little furniture and this is one of the basic principles of this style.

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