Grrr in 2020 A Year to Focus on ME

  • Jan. 14, 2020, 12:39 a.m.
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This scarf is driving me crazy! It’s taking longer than I expected. It’s making my hands cramp. I hope she likes it.

This is how it looked this morning before I picked it up again…
alt text
And this is how it looks now-I’m making progress for sure.
alt text

On the plus side, Arizona hid out in the bedroom so I could watch my movies tonight. 😲 It’s very nice. I guess he realized the alternative was for me to binge watch movies all day tomorrow.

I initiated tonight, hopefully it puts him in a good mood tomorrow. Then we showered together which I always find to be nice bonding time.

I’m just taking a break from the scarf. I play a quick card game or grab a drink or pee and in between those tasks I work 2 rows of the scarf. My hands need a break from it though.

I’m not sure if I mentioned but I put all of my baskets on the wall of the bathroom Sunday while Arizona watched football. It didn’t take very long, an hour tops and that involved eyeballing placement, checking for studs/electrical, leveling, marking, drilling holes, pounding in anchors and screwing each one on the wall. I vacuumed up all the dust and washed the floor, then I filled the baskets. I took pictures, it’s not total step by step, it would have taken too much time. Arizona liked it. I sent it to a few people on Snapchat and got things back like “buy more bath stuff” or that I have too much, etc.

I certainly didn’t need more bath stuff but was I supposed to tell Arizona NO and then have him feel bad? It’s what he came up with for my anniversary gift that was for ME since he tanked for Christmas. I was already saying to you guys that I had too much and wanted to use it up. By getting more it made me need space for it and without these baskets things would just be hiding in the cabinet untouched. Besides I like this stuff. What shoe girl or handbag girl turns down shoes/handbags?! 😊😍

I’ll start working on the prompts I have of the requests that came in, there were lots of duplicates. I have enough to get through the remainder of this month about every other day and post one later. I’ll get 2 out of the way this week.

As I get the house in order I’ve decided I wanted to use up cleaning supplies and try to take a more natural approach. If I do that we’ll have more space under the kitchen sink and less chemicals in our lives and our pets lives. I’m eager to do this but it seems that we have a shit ton of stuff and it could take 2 years to go through it all. This is what happens when you combine households and both people have shit to contribute! Anyone make their own anything and love it? Drop me a recipe, a link, etc! I’m all over pinterest but I like to use things people have actually tried since pinterest seems to be going down the crapper with strange pins.

It’s moving watching time!

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