I'm boring in 2020 A Year to Focus on ME

  • Jan. 13, 2020, 8:15 p.m.
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I am.

I’ve done nothing amazing today, or any other day really.

I fell asleep last night before Arizona went to bed, I forced myself to just sleep. I woke up shortly after midnight and he was in bed. I was sleeping HARD, the entire right side of my face was red from sleep marks. B was still up watching TV. Arizona was snoring but had only been in bed for 20 minutes based off his FB status.

I straightened a few things up, watched TV and played around doing who knows what. Then it was like 3am. I do this frequently because it’s alone, quiet time with them both home.

I called out to B this am to make sure she was awake. I vaguely remember talking to Arizona when he left for work, I think he gave me a kiss. He said something about telling him which Redbox movie I wanted.

Though he’s still drinking too much he has seemed to listen when I said a few things. He picks and chooses what to listen to, I haven’t seen anything stick for too long though. He brought me flowers home the other day, white daisy looking flowers and irises. I told him no more because we will be traveling soon.

Anyway, I proceeded to go back to sleep after he left and I slept until 10am. I then sent him the movie I picked out, he sent back a screen shot of another movie offer so I got to pick out 2 more movies. You know what I’ll be doing tonight/tomorrow!

From there I decided to rearrange the meal plan and make spaghetti. All because Arizona had me buy more ground beef the other day so that wasn’t frozen yet. Initial plan was to use up some frozen chicken meatballs, then it was to use ground turkey and then it turned into use up the beef I bought so I didn’t have to freeze 3 pounds. I really want to phase out ground beef for chicken/turkey. Dude needs to start caring about his health and waistline. I won’t stick it out and watch him get fat and turn into his dad. His dad got heavy, had a heart attack YEARS ago and is now trying to get back on the health train due to a cancer scare or some crap. I prepped everything for dinner that I could to make it easier later. I tidied up some stuff in the bedroom and fed Finn who finally ate like the good hungry fishy I know that he is. I cleaned up some crap on the couch and did a load of laundry. I even soaked in the tub, had some fun until the battery died. Then I shaved.

Meal plan is tweaked because I didn’t pull stuff out for Saturday so I’ll be making Saturdays dinner tomorrow and likely push todays originial dinner (chicken fajita soup) to later in the week and push everything out further. I have wiggle room now that I didn’t have before. We tried Costco’s French Onion soup, it was beefy but I didn’t care for the onions and it wasn’t very salty which was good but that’s what I’m used to. Arizona ended up eating his, mine and B’s on Friday. We only have 3 more left which is good because it frees up freezer space!

I’m working on Arizona’s mom’s scarf. I had to dig through you tube to find the video/pattern because I forgot. I hope to have it finished tomorrow night, I have a lot to get done on it.

My foot peel that I did forever ago (at least it feels that way) is finally doing it’s thing. All the soaking in the tub made my feet flakey for lack of a better word.

I’ve started packing a bit early for our “Christmas present” from Arizona’s mom. A trip to Florida. She has to do a time share thing and thought we should go with her. Flying there might get tricky, Arizona is nervous about it because flights don’t look the best. The way I see it, worst case they can go off without me and I’ll return home. It will suck to not be there but also it won’t. Neither of us are looking forward to it. It’s the sleeping situation we’re not sure of, among other things. I don’t quite understand how a free hotel stay is our Christmas gift. I mean it comes out rather expensive for us for what she wanted us there for. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

His mom finally put her cat down last week. The cat was looking horrible last January. Though it had been to the vet no tests were run until October/November and it was determined the cat was diabetic. She was fine with this including the cost. Then went on vacation to see Arizona’s brother (the cat belonged to Arizona’s brothers old girlfriend), I asked her what was going on with it and she said that the cat wasn’t eating so she couldn’t give her insulin. When she returned the cat went back to the vet and it was decided to put her down. I think that was the best thing for her given how freaking skin and bones she had been for so long. The fact that she pooped liquid and threw up several times a day was a huge indicator that something was wrong but his mom had excuses. I’m sad the cat suffered for so long.

I’ve got to get the last of dinner going.

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