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Last weekend, I cleaned up the house and it’s back to being a disaster again. I never could get the chance to sweep the house. There is shredded cardboard on the ground From my bf letting Bruce tear up one of the beer boxes and just peft it out shredded on the ground, like everywhere. I was cleaning up part of it yesterday, but the drunk bf kept stepping and messing with the pile, so I quit. Seriously, I can’t get this house clean. It felt so good everytime Id go into the bathroom just enjoying how clean it was and how it didn’t smell all nasty. The bathroom still isn’t too bad, but its already looking dirty again, eapecially because the bf puked and left a cpuple splatters of puke on the floor, which I will not pick up.. I will let him know abouy it and see if he cleans it up or shows immaturity. This shit is getting ridiculous. The house has been a disaster for a long time and I’m trying to get it back to normal and these drunk ass motherfuckers keep making messes. Last night, the roommate freaking dropped a glass beer bottle on the floor. He cleaned it up the best he could but he was so drunk he missed several shards as I went behind him and picked up.

The bf may not go into work today because he’s still drunk. He’s got PTO time but it’s only January and he doesn’t want to spend it all at once like last year, so Idk if he’s going into work or not.

If he does stay home, I’m hoping he’ll at least do the dishes, but then again, Ive been hoping he’d do them this weekend and he didnt. I’m gonna most likely have to clean up the house again this weekend. I was hoping to be caught up to work on other shit to clean, but nope. The same stuff I cleaned last weekend are dirty again, so I gotta do that first and double my load. It’s hopeless. Shit, and I don’t even have kids! At least with kids, I could assign them chores or tell them to do something rather than yell at my bf and guilt him into helping out cleaning for a couple days.

Hes back to his usual I think. We’ll see if he won’t get totally smashed today because its supposed to be his Monday today and hes supposed to not drink vodka. Just a couple beers and smoke pot. I noticed last week on Wednesday(his Thursday) he was taking shots and drinking more than a couple beers. He was already drunk so it looks as if he’s going back to his old ways again.

I am seriously getting tired of it, but I need to focus on myself first and not get lost in it myself. Then I’ll actually have some credibility if I choose to end this.

So Bf didnt end up going to work, amd still didnt end up helping clean the house while at home all day long. Instead, when I came home he was sitting on the couch watching movies, eating top ramen and doing Whippits. At least he wasnt drunk, but still like wtf?! I cleaned up the shredded cardboard pieces(I wish I had taken a picture), because I just couldnt stand it anymore. I bitched at Bf last night about not helping clean up especially because most of the mess is him partying. I told him that him AND the roommate party and then just never clean it up the next day and I have to feel like a fucking slave cleaning it up. He joked around and told me I was a slave and I just left the conversation. I’m seriously tired of cleaning up after these 30+ year old boys. Like, fucking grow up! Yeah, cleaning sucks but it truly makes the moral of the house better. Later I tried talking to him again and thats when I told him that I shouldn’t be the only one cleaning up the house especially when it’s mostly him making it mess. He got irritated and didnt say anything and continued the movie we were watching… Like, how fucking immature are you?! You just wanna have fun, drink and party but dont wanna be responsible to cleaning it up.

The laundry still hasnt been done and it’s in three different piles. We have two hampers and there’s still clothes on the floor.. It’s so god damned irritating!
It’d be different if I didnt work. I would have ALL DAY to keep the house clean, but I do work and I only have maybe an hour when I get home to do anything (in the meantime, he’s crying for attention) before I have to start cooking because my bf cant wait until fucking 5 pm anymore(because he gets high and doesnt eat all day). Theres absolutely no time to deep clean anything until the weekend and I’m sick of using my weekends to try to get the house in order while he gets drunk and makes a mess on hia weekends. It’s unfair. He also doesnt seem to care that the house gets so dirty.. He’s stopped caring about anything with this house. Idk why, probably because he’s caused so much damage to it, but still, there’s always room for improvement, just like anything in Life. Ugh! I hate how lazy everyone is here, and it makes me lazy as well.

Thank God, my friend cancelled our visit again but I’ve gotta clean the house anyway. There’s no time to go hang out. I’m hoping since I bitched at him AGAIN, my bf may try to help clean when he gets home(if it’s not already clean).

I’ve gotta go start the laundry…

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