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Some may wonder why I’m posting all the harassment I’ve documented that I’ve received from my sister Tammy and her twisted offspring at the end of last year after I told them I’d had enough and cut ties with them. It started with an argument my sister and I got into about me feeling uncomfortable about her bringing up her mean, selfish, narcissistic brats that I was having nothing to do with. She did say she wouldn’t bring them up anymore, but I knew I needed to pull away from them regardless for a variety of reasons. The way they reacted, as you’ll read in these entries, confirmed that I did the right thing by severing ties with them… and I feel not one shred of remorse or guilt. Not one.

I chose to see them as people and leave the biology and history out. When I realized I didn’t like the people I was dealing with, I stepped away.

Without using last names, I have documented every mean, immature, spiteful thing they pulled on me that I know about. This way I have a record proving that when I sent my final group message saying that I didn’t want to go back and forth with each other and had said all there was to say, evidence shows that I kept my word and that it was them harassing me. It’s called stalking, actually. They went beyond simple internet trolling, though, as my entries will show. I will add to it as necessary.

Things have died down for now, but I believe they’ll reach out to me again someday. When that day arrives and they ask themselves why I don’t respond, well, this is why…

Sunday, November 24, 2019

I’m super wound up right now. Yeah, it’s that family drama thing again, and yeah, I should have continued to stay away from them at all cost when I first cut ties with them 20 years ago. Before I get into the nitty-gritty details, I’ll just say that I decided to be honest with them and let them know how I feel and get things off my chest that I’ve kept inside for years. I also let them know I don’t see how we can remain connected due to all the conflict and just not seeing eye to eye. Naturally, they’re now showing their true colors yet again by being their usual hateful, vindictive selves and making all kinds of bogus legal threats.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Sold my first copy of The Wrong Sister, and since I know I sure have the wrong sister in real life, I can’t help but wonder if Tammy’s the one that borrowed it just to leave a shitty review. Would she be willing to put money in my pocket in order to slam me? They are in the US, whoever they are. But if Amazon knew Aly was a friend, wouldn’t they know she’s related and prevent her from leaving reviews? Either way, if she were going to choose one of my books so she could bash me, that would be the first title to jump out at her, I would think. Plus, one of the main character’s name is Lisa. I wouldn’t think she would read as many pages as they’ve read, though. I would think she’d borrow it without reading more than a page or two to keep a minimal amount of money from ending up in my pocket and then go trash it. Fortunately, you can’t leave a review without making a purchase.

To finally finish with the drama queen trio saga, it started when Tammy shared a picture of her and Sarah to my wall. Then she posted a meme about her kids being everything to her (for my benefit, of course). After dropping numerous hints lately about finding it awkward to hear about those I’m no longer in touch with and hoping I wouldn’t have to spell it out in blunt English and hurt her feelings, and after she was either too stupid or too selfish to get it, I PM’d her. I told her look, it’s really hard for me to care about those that don’t care about me so I don’t want to offend you or anything, but I would really like to keep them out of our discussions. She replied saying she would, but then guilt-tripped me by saying, “What a shame, I don’t understand, you should want to know what’s going on in the lives of your nieces.”

Now why would I want to know what’s going on in the lives of those that don’t want to know what’s going on in mine and that has shit on me and dumped me? Because we’re related? I’m sorry but biology isn’t enough. That’s like saying I should still respect my mother after all she did to me just because she was my mother. Sure, I’m curious from time to time but that doesn’t mean I want to discuss them.

So yeah, I finally vented things I’ve been keeping to myself for too many years in something like 2600 words. It was long. Like 5 pages. They were aware of some of it already. The thing is that I realize that while it might have made me feel a little better to vent, it really doesn’t change anything. They’re never going to get it or agree with anything I said. Sarah did admit that Bill had done some things and Lisa caused some problems, but basically the girls’ reply to me was that I’m fucked in the head and I need help. I blocked Tammy before I blocked them.

Never before have I been this embarrassed for, ashamed of, and disgusted where they’re concerned. This is a vivid and horrible display of just how immature, vindictive and downright wrong they are with most of what they say. They’re the kind that could rob a bank and then deny it for the rest of their lives and insist they did nothing wrong and blame others for their actions. They can do no wrong, they’re perfect, and everything is always everyone else’s fault. I also realized that Tammy is going to defend her brats no matter what. Sarah could shoot me in front of Tammy’s face and she’s still going to blame me and defend her. That’s just how they are.

I have chosen to rise above them and move on without contacting them further.

Although I certainly didn’t want to intentionally offend or hurt anyone, I realized at that point that there was simply no way I could continue any kind of relationship with my sister because I knew I would feel bad either way. I would feel guilty for insisting she don’t mention them, and I would feel uncomfortable if she did mention them.

When I decided to play the honesty card and when I realized that sometimes it’s okay to consider ourselves and our own feelings before others, I knew they weren’t going to like or agree with what I had to say. At the time, I thought Becky and Sarah would be more likely to continue to ghost me. Then after they sent me the quick poorly written paragraph about how fucked in the head they think I am, I thought that would be it. I had said my piece, and as I told them, I didn’t want to go back and forth with them. There was really nothing more to say anyway.

In a group message, I covered what happened with Lisa a decade ago as well as why I always hated Bill. I didn’t mention that I was vindicated in the end, even though I’ve mentioned it to Tammy before, because that vindication came two and a half years too late. It doesn’t matter if you vindicate someone when you don’t pay them back the money they lost, and you can never replace the time they lost either or make up for the hell they went through.

Sarah also said in her reply to me that I will never speak about her father again, I’ve been obsessed with him, it needs to stop today, I need to get over it, the past is the past.

You don’t “get over” someone that had a major hand in costing you your freedom and thousands of dollars. At least I don’t. You gonna tell a rape victim to “get over” their rapist? I’ve forgiven many people for many different things, but everyone has their limits and he and some people in Arizona are definitely where I draw the line.

Then the phone harassment began, and I can just imagine the hell the girls’ other aunt must have gone through when she threw them out since she lived in their town if I’m getting all this from across the country. And I actually tried to go easy in my message too, while still being blunt, to the point and brutally honest. Well, I wouldn’t have bothered had I known they were going to treat me as if I threatened to torture and kill them and I should have known better, too. I mean, come on. This is a woman who once tried to enlist mine and Tom’s help to try to hunt down Lisa’s workplace so Tammy could report her for wearing heels while getting Worker’s Comp for a bad back. If she could spite her own daughter, of course she could spite me, and her daughters have turned out to be a carbon copy of her, thanks to the fine example she’s set. Piss them off and they’re your enemies for life. Any decent mother would tell their kids it’s okay to disagree and be mad at someone, but if you don’t like someone, just ignore them. Related or not, angry or not, she and her brood are vindictive, stupid, emotional, sensitive drama queens I could definitely do without. Any ounce of guilt on my part I may have felt has been stamped out by what they pulled next and God only knows if it’s over yet. Let’s just say that at this point I make no apologies for secretly wishing she had died when she had her heart attack a couple of years ago. If my uncontrollable influencing abilities are what started her health issues a decade ago during the last round of drama, then she’s definitely not going to be feeling too great in the near future.

So after I blocked her and decided to go incognito in as many places as possible, the voice messages began. I never actually listened to them, but I got the gist of what she was saying through the transcripts I read even though they were riddled with errors. In that one she basically cussed me out, called me names, and told me that what I said to the girls was unforgivable…I don’t know what lies you’re telling Tom, but I will reach him......I’m dead…watch out…beware…if I reach out to the girls one more time…something about behind bars…I know where you live…I know where Tom works…I’m going to come after you with my girls…we aren’t stopping…we can play your games a lot more than you give us credit for…I’ve done nothing to you…you’ve destroyed anything we ever had.

Okay, let’s start with Tom. I don’t get that one. Why does she always have to run to him when she gets pissed at me? Reminds me of when Andy would get pissed at me and how he’d go to others about our problems. I mean what does she think he’s going to do? Tell her she has a horrible sister and he’ll make sure I behave from now on? She did this back in Maricopa when the shit went down there and she sent him a letter defending Bill and threatening bullshit charges, along with telling him about Valleyhead, as if he didn’t know and as if that would change anything either way. He’s not on her side.

I went into Tom’s account and blocked the three of them from his account as well, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if a postal letter showed up this time around, too. We both agreed to mark it Return to Sender. I don’t want to acknowledge the letter and give her the attention she craves. I’m surprised I haven’t been slammed with email yet.

“Does she really know where you work?” I asked Tom who said he didn’t care. I don’t think she knows where he works as I don’t see why I’d mention that to her, and I hope he’s right in saying that as long as I ignore them this will blow over. I’ve had it with their shit. Really I have.

Still, I am a little concerned because even though I know I didn’t do anything illegal, these people don’t give up easily and the harder I make it for them to get to me, the more determined that may make them. These are unfuckingbelievably vindictive people. I wasn’t kidding when I promised myself I would never take shit without fighting back like I made the huge mistake of doing 20 years ago. Reach far enough into the lion’s den and that lion is going to get you. So if I’m pushed far enough, I’m not going to simply shrug and say, “Oh well. Shit happens. Just gotta make the best of it.”

There are times to ignore and walk away from people and then there are times to act. If they don’t want to deal with any repercussions, they will not back me into a corner.

“We can play your games a lot more than you give us credit for.”

Just what game is it that she thinks I’m playing? I told them I was walking away from them and I told them why. I don’t see the “game” in that.

“I’ve done nothing to you.”

I know that’s what they all think and that’s what’s scary; that they’re just not smart enough to see their own faults no matter how in their faces those faults may be.

Then I went to bed and of course they had to haunt my dreams. When I woke up, I found three more voice messages waiting for me. Again, I refused to listen to them. The transcripts said enough. In Tammy’s second message she bitched about being blocked on Facebook and accused me of not having the balls to pick up the phone.

Being the stupid person my sister is, she isn’t smart enough to know that my not answering wasn’t about not having the balls but about me having said all I had to say and not wanting anything more to do with them. Related or not, angry at them or not, these people are emotional, delusional, and definitely not very bright. They even write like a bunch of fucking kindergarteners. I’m not the brightest person in the world, and perhaps I’m downright conceited for saying so, but I definitely feel a lot more mature and more intelligent than they’ll ever be. Really, if Tammy’s still this hateful, dumb and vindictive, she always will be. I mean, come on. She left threats in her own voice. Does she think she’s invincible or is she really truly that dumb?

“You could have had three nieces.”

No, I couldn’t, because one could only “move on” if I apologized for some idiotic thing I knew nothing about, and the other two ghosted me for trying to gently steer them onto a more positive path in life and because of letters I sent their mother in the 90s. Yes, I was guilty of sending her some less than kind letters in the 90s, and I have no problem admitting it. I don’t feel I have to lie or deny anything I’ve actually done in life that was wrong or questionable in any way because we all make mistakes. And what can anyone do about it? Come and beat me up? Take my computer away. Ground me?

Well, I’m still not perfect but I chose to grow up as best I could. I think it’s pretty safe to say these people have no intention of doing anything remotely similar. This shit reminds me of all the kiddy drama that went on in the 90s between mom, dad, Tammy and Larry. If they want to act like they’re still in high school, let them. I have removed myself from their childish, vengeful little circle for good. I’m done going through drama with them every fucking decade! Year 2000, 2009, 2019. I’m not going to play this game two or three more times before I die.

The third call came from a restricted number with no transcript. The call, which I think was from Sarah, was broken up so I couldn’t make much out and I didn’t want to either. So even though she doesn’t know it, she wasted her breath other than the few words I caught which were “fuck” and “my father.”

Yeah, Sarah, fuck your father.

Then my wonderful sweet niece got to waste her time with another digital rant I never saw one single word of on Pinterest before I blocked the trio there as well. It’s set up where you have to either accept or decline messages, and I declined. You don’t even have to see it.

Tammy’s final voice message was - and I can’t quote the exact words because the transcript didn’t get it all right - she’s gone to the police in her town which will contact the police in my town and that I have until next Sunday to have Tom contact her, especially with what they “found out about two and a half hours ago.” She said that if she doesn’t hear from Tom, the police will be contacted with the girls on Monday, and something about it being no problem with my record.

But I don’t have a record. Sure, information about the joke of a case would be on record, but if I hadn’t been vindicated in the end, I not only would not be able to live here, but Marianne, Jesse’s sister who made a point of letting us know they would do a background check on us, wouldn’t have let us rent the trailer any more than the rental company would have given us a place up in Oregon.

I’m determined not to let them get to me. I’m just not going to be threatened or bullied by people 3000 miles away. I know she said this just to get me to call so she could scream at me directly and tell me what a horrible person I am and how everything’s all my fault instead of just agreeing to disagree, respecting my wishes not to communicate further, and dropping it. It’s okay to disagree and it’s okay to be angry, but it’s NOT okay for them to troll and harass me. I have saved each and every one of their threatening messages in case I ever need them as evidence. I’ve also made a point of closing all the portals I can think of like I used to do with M.

There were also a couple of restricted calls I got, and after looking up how to do it, I blocked restricted calls, removed Tammy from my contacts, and blocked her. There haven’t been any calls that I know of since 6:30 yesterday morning so they either can’t get through, got tired of screaming their little threats at me, or they’re onto something more sinister. If they are, they’re the only ones that are going to pay the consequences. For now, I just hope not feeding the trolls will soon starve them off.

While Tammy does love to run to the police when she gets pissed at people, she’s so full of shit and she doesn’t even know it. If they really went to the police and they thought they had something on me, they would tell her to cease all contact. Not tell her to go home, send me threatening voice messages, and tell her to give me till Monday to call her or else! She’s even dumber than I gave her credit for if she thinks I’m dumb enough to believe any of this shit. In fact, I actually hope she did go to the cops so they can tell her she doesn’t have a case but also so they can see that she’s a real cry-baby. Might help someone else she gets pissed off at in the future. Running to the cops, in this case, is probably just a scare tactic. It hasn’t worked, of course.

Nor would any decent cop tell her to download one of my books and bash it just as I knew she would and as I just discovered. Stupid idiot did it in her own name too, leaving an even bigger trail of harassment evidence should I be pushed to take action which I would still prefer not to have to do. I would still prefer to keep noise and occasional boredom and loss of water my worst problems.

It wasn’t The Wrong Sister she borrowed but Renting Ginny. She said don’t waste your time with this author and that the “stories” do not make sense, even though it was a single story.

I called Amazon and got a guy I could barely understand because of his fucking accent, and it turned out I called the wrong department. He was nice enough to send me a link and guide me through the steps to fill out the proper complaint form.

I wrote: Hello. My sister Tammy has been harassing me since we had a recent disagreement on Facebook. Her negative review was nothing more than an act of revenge. I would like not only her “review” removed but is there any way she can be blocked from ever buying/reviewing other books of mine in the future? Your help is appreciated!

I have a feeling that this time Amazon isn’t going to remove the review. I swear to God I will never again share my book link with anyone I know personally even though anyone could Google it.

Still hope he’s right about things blowing over because this bitch has to be one of the most vindictive people I’ve ever known. Being angry for years is one thing. After all, there are some people I could never forgive or forget. But pulling this level of off the wall shit is another and it goes to show how immature and stupid she is, too. Especially since she knows I already had a negative review removed. Part of me wishes I’d simply kept my thoughts and feelings to myself, feigned interest in the girls, and basically been untrue to them and to myself. Or maybe I should have ghosted them.

She could call me up begging me to forgive her and apologizing up a storm and I still won’t ever again want anything to do with her. My only regret is that the heart attack she had didn’t kill her. That’s all.

If Amazon doesn’t remove this review, I suppose I could delete the book and resubmit it. Meanwhile, I sent the complaint form and clicked ‘report’ on both her profile and the lovely review.

Tom doesn’t care if she knows where he works, or if she went to the police, and I agree. That’s nothing to worry about. I know I did nothing illegal. If the police could charge everyone that sent a family member a message on Facebook that pissed them off, there wouldn’t be time for the courts to deal with real crimes. I realize that perhaps it was harsh of me and maybe even a little mean when I told the girls I doubted they were still single just because they strive for independence and because of their weight, but I said it to make a point. A very strong one, too.

I might have a better chance of getting this review removed if she left additional reviews because of the way she said in her first review not to bother getting anything from this author. Well, why would you keep getting stuff from them if you hated them that much? She might be too stupid to realize this and therefore keep buying and bashing. Or possibly put her bitches up to doing so. Oh yes, mommy dearest wouldn’t hesitate to encourage her daughters to follow in her trolling footsteps.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

I’m getting to really like Amazon. :-) They deleted the drama queen’s review and said not to hesitate to contact them again if there are any additional problems. Oh, I won’t, and sadly, I’m sure there will be.

It’s kind of funny that in stooping to her childish stupidity she put $.39 in my pocket while she was at it, LOL. I just hope she and her mini crazies can finally grow up, move on, and realize that she or anyone she enlists to slam me again is just going to be deleted… After putting a few more cents in my pocket, LOL.

Her behavior is utterly appalling and very sad, too. Most people change at least a little with age, and I was dumb enough to think she had too, but it’s clear that she’ll always have this vicious side to her that I should have been smart enough to see 20 or more years ago. But instead, I was too kind and too forgiving. I could definitely kick myself for not walking away for good in 2000. Her kids are carbon copies of herself and I can say that I’m virtually certain that none of them will ever breed which is a wonderful thing.

When Tom said he thought I should have walked away in 2000 or sooner since I’d already been shown how she can be, I asked him why he didn’t try to discourage me from reconnecting with her a decade ago. He said it was because it was my sister and the decision had to be up to me. Well, there’s absolutely no chance of me ever allowing them back into my life. I feel like such a stupid idiot! I really do.

Tom tried to console me with the fact that she’s got financial and health problems, but obviously she’s not sick enough to go on one of her over the top reactions to being told something she didn’t want to hear. I’m sure a lot of her illnesses were exaggerated anyway. She’s your classic hypochondriac. She’s far from healthy but I see no reason she doesn’t have just as much of a chance of making it to her eighties as I do. And just how bad is her kidney function really?

Meanwhile, today’s discovery was actually left yesterday morning. Sarah created a Facebook account to message me from before turning around and deactivating it. The four wonderful paragraphs that probably took her days to write ended up being filtered.

“ok I understand you have a mental illness and that you are just like your mother. The things you said about me does not hurt or bother me. Yes I’m fat and so aren’t you. I have issues losing weight but I will continue until I get it right. I still have boys who love me for who I am. I just have trust issues hence my last relationship and look at my family. Mostly you and your mother who caused damage. Hey there that saying mother like daughter. That’s you!”

If it didn’t bother her, she wouldn’t have contacted me. Plus, it’s “so are you.”

Yeah, “boys” who love her but not men, right?

So it’s me and my mother who caused her so much damage that she can’t hold a relationship? LOL, that’s a nice one.

As for like mother like daughter, which I believe she’s trying to say, if that’s true then that would make her own mother like my mother, wouldn’t it? Does this idiot realize how demented she sounds? Well, she’s both right and wrong when I think about it. My mother was a sick bitch, but not even she would pull the shit they’ve been pulling. She and her sisters are, however, exact duplicates of their own twisted mother.

“$80 gift basket lol wow. You don’t even remember telling me go ahead have some too. Enjoy you been taking good care of your sister? Of course not. Your going crazy over a $80 gift basket that you should of never sent someone with broken jaw. I would say give me your address I will send you $80 but we all know you wont.”

Of course I expected others to have some of the gift basket, but not most of it like her mother said was the case. If her mother knew how to write properly, I would have known Becky had a broken jaw and I would have sent flowers instead. Plus, it’s “should have.”

“Its ashame Tom settled for you, because he could of done better then you. He doesnt need this in his life. Just like we never need you. When people ask me do I have any aunts. I say my dad sister we don’t talk much. And my mom side she dead. Nobody knows about you. So you saying my aunts both don’t want me, well what aunts? I only have one and we might of had our differences but she was there for me when I need her during Becky car accident. So I’m ok. You were dead to me like your mother was already dead to me. It’s so funny I remember you telling me how beautiful I am. Asking for hair tips. Now I’m ugly and fat lol”

Gee, that really hurts that people I don’t even know don’t know about me. :(

I never said she was ugly or fat. I said I doubted she was single because of her weight. She does have a beautiful face and I did ask for hair tips, but beauty is only skin deep. If you treat me like shit, it doesn’t matter what your face looks like, it doesn’t matter what your hair looks like, and it doesn’t matter what your size is either. Or if you’re related to me.

“Jodi I wish you nothing but the very best. You have no family and that sad but hey you caused it. I hope that your honest with Tom about your latest mental outbreak and have him help you get the help you need. So that you don’t end up in jail or have to move because you harrassment of people is getting you in trouble. The best of luck and I hope you have a great life! Don’t ever contact me again. There is no chance of you ever coming back into my life.”

If no longer pretending I’m okay with something and sharing my honest thoughts, feelings and opinions are what defines a “mental outbreak,” then going mental is a great thing, LOL. And if that counts as “harassment” while threatening voice messages and online trolling doesn’t after I told them I didn’t want to go back and forth with them, then wow.

Bottom line: I didn’t lose them. I freed myself of them and their drama and there will be absolutely no problem at all with never contacting her, her siblings or her mother ever again. She may wish me nothing but the best, but I don’t wish them anything at all. I’ve become that indifferent to these people who will never have what it takes to see their own true colors.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Termite Tammy and her little sarasite (without the h) have been better behaved lately but I don’t know how long it will last. With my birthday coming up, they may find that a great time to give me a “present,” but nothing they can do can influence my life as long as they stay away from my books. Amazon is on to them now, though.

They will continue not to hear from me. They’re too stupid and too stubborn to ever see the error of their ways and just how delusional and misguided they truly are anyway. You can’t reason with people like that. I’m still amazed by the sarasite’s blindness when insisting I’m like my mother. SMH Like a 300-pound person telling a 100-pound person they’re fat. It’s like, hello, Sarah! But then if anyone were to point out how similar she is to her own mother she’d only take it as a compliment. I’m sure she’s proud to be the same dumbass, vengeful bitch her mother is. She and her mother, along with her sisters, will always try to turn the tables and turn things around to make it look like they’re the victims and everyone else is wrong. Anyone who dares to confront them as I did automatically have a mental illness and they absolutely must be having a breakdown, too. I mean, what else could it be, right?

Everyone is different as to how much value they’re willing to put in biology. For me, if you’re not someone I would be friends with, then it doesn’t matter if you’re related to me or not. Treat me like shit and I’m gone.

Maybe they’ll get to read all about it someday after I’m gone. As in dead gone.

Anyway, Renting Ginny got borrowed even before Termite Tammy’s revenge review was deleted, and then someone later bought it.


Sighs with frustration So much for the termite behaving. I don’t have any way to copy and paste the transcript, so I’ll voice type it here the way I see it written.

jody I’m telling you don’t think I am just blowing smoke up my […] I don’t hear from tom by Sunday you’ll be hearing from your local police department because I’ve already contacted them and asked them questions through our police department meeting with myself and Becky and Sarah and getting a statement over the phone from Lisa. So you see I’m not screwing around. I want tom to know exactly what’s happened once again instead of your dirty outright letter sent to children that I read I never thought you would send them letters of that magnitude I wouldn’t given it to them but now you’re into the tax while your record that they already have. This is going to be a piece of cake. So don’t think I’m screwing around. I either speak with tom. You want to be on the phone that’s fine but you will allow us to talk.

First of all, Lisa has nothing to do with this. Although I mentioned her, I shared the group message with Tammy, Becky and Sarah. Not Lisa. I didn’t know how to contact her.

I don’t know what the hell dirty letters were supposed to be sent to children. Besides, her brats aren’t kids anymore and haven’t been in over a decade. So I don’t know why I’m suddenly hearing about this now or what the hell that one is about. I don’t acknowledge her by actually listening to the voice messages. The transcripts are showing just how crazy and vindictive she is all by themselves. Before now I would have said she wasn’t crazy, just mean. Well, she’s obviously delusional if she thinks I would send children dirty letters. That’s just plain old crazy. If she’s talking about in the 90s when we would exchange postal letters, I’ve sent some that were angry but never was anything literally “dirty.” So I don’t get how she thinks she’s going to nail me with letters I never sent over 20 years ago.

She also obviously doesn’t realize, or want to, that I don’t have a record. If the prank phone calls weren’t expunged and I wasn’t vindicated for Arizona, I couldn’t have gotten in here, with Jesse, or the Oregon property company.

If she really did run to the police and isn’t just bluffing, any decent cop is going to see that she has no case. Someone with some serious power and control would literally have to fabricate some form of evidence out of thin air, but what have I been saying ever since I walked out of jail 19 years ago? Yep, you guessed it. I will always ignore any possible future subpoenas unless I’m either a plaintiff or a witness. Unless someone kicks the door down and drags me to jail and then court, she can do what she wants.

We all know she’s just trying to threaten me into calling so she can scream at me directly or bash me to Tom because I dared call them out on their BS and dumped them. If I feel you’re detrimental to my psyche or health, you’re out of my life whether you’re related or not.

Friday, November 29, 2019

As soon as Tom got in on Wednesday afternoon, we were able to change my phone number via live chat. I was worried at first that we’d have to wait till Monday and I wanted to beat the nut job’s little “deadline.”

Gotta laugh to myself, as much as it was a pain in the ass to change the number in some places, knowing how pissed the termite is going to be the next time it tries to call which probably wasn’t yesterday but likely this morning.

I refuse to let myself worry about her shit and her twisted kids anymore. Yes, I could forever kick myself for taking her back in my life and I should have definitely learned my lesson years ago as to the amount of trouble she can cause when she doesn’t like what you have to say. But I’m moving on. If they can’t do the same, that’s on them. I’ve done what the experts recommend by completely ignoring them and saving all the evidence of their shit and that’s it.

Out of curiosity, since I had my doubts, I looked up whether or not a statement can be given by phone and that’s almost never done.

Occasionally they’ll do video statements but that’s usually only for minors in sexual abuse cases. Not a grown woman I haven’t had any contact with in a decade. So Lisa’s so-called phone statement was yet another lie.

December 2, 2019 Monday

I didn’t actually listen to them, but I read the transcripts from some pretty vicious voice messages I received, and even with the errors in it, I got the gist of what was being said. There were no transcripts or audio for the restricted calls before I blocked those.

LMAO at the thought of recording some threatening voice messages I still have on my phone and sharing them on Facebook and elsewhere. I’ll leave that as a last resort for now as I prefer to act my age and not go on some vindictive rampage simply because someone said something that pissed me off that I didn’t want to hear. I’ve moved on. If they haven’t, that’s on them. It’s OK to be angry. It’s OK to disagree. It’s not OK to stalk, harass and threaten. These narcissistic, vengeful lunatics I never should have allowed back into my life don’t get that, though.

Unless provoked into action, I prefer to be the mature one and just not have anything to do with those I don’t get along with. But what I actually do depends on them. If they give me peace, they’ll get peace in return.

Kinda funny that they think I’m dumb enough to be convinced that IF they went to the cops, the cops would wait to see if I contact them as they demanded. If I’d broken any laws, they’d tell them to stay out of it, let them take over, and they’d have contacted me by now if they thought they had a case against me. And all because of the record they think I have that I, in fact, don’t what with the prank phone calls from a million years ago in MA being expunged and me being vindicated 20 years ago in AZ.

Furthermore, statements are rarely given over the phone. Occasionally, video statements will be made but that’s usually reserved for minors involved in sex cases. If they thought I would fall for that one, then that shows there even dumber than I gave them credit for.

And why the obsession with reaching my husband? Did they think we don’t keep each other informed on what’s going on? Did they think he would believe their lies and side with them?

Funny how they say I didn’t have the balls to call back when the reason I didn’t was that there was nothing more to say. I’d gotten some things off my chest, shared my feelings, said I didn’t want to go back and forth, that this would be it, and I kept my word. What would have been the point in arguing until we were blue in the face when we could never see eye-to-eye? Don’t we all have better things to do?

Yeah, time for them to grow up, wake up, and smarten up, I would think. I’m smarter than any of them will ever be, and when I don’t know something off the top of my head, well, Google’s a wonderful thing. But hey, these are people who can barely even write. Their spelling, grammar and improper use of punctuation are ferocious.

Holding onto so much hate and anger only reflects badly on them and is detrimental to their health and psyche, but again, it’s on them. I knew these people were aggressive, had tempers, and were overly sensitive, emotional and vindictive. Hell, one even tried to enlist us to spite their own kid by finding their workplace to report them for what they believed was an abuse of Worker’s Comp. But I didn’t know they were literally crazy till recently. The sudden and surprise reference to porn told me that. Did they pull that out of thin air in the heat of the moment because they were pissed? Or did they get this idea from someone else?

This should have been a real eye-opener for me as well as what was done to me. How I didn’t see things clearly a long time ago is beyond me. Maybe I just didn’t want to. Regardless, they have no resources, they have no money, they have no health, and sadly, they have no life.

They lose. I win. None of them will ever contact me again (and if they do any and all contact will be logged as evidence along with the fact that I had to change my number due to the harassment and threats) because they’re not welcomed in my life now or in the future.

I won’t wish them good luck. I won’t wish them bad luck. Why? Because I’ve become as indifferent to them as I am with some stranger in the next town I don’t even know. I don’t even feel the shame and embarrassment I have felt for them. I’ve gone numb. And now they shall all be filed nice and neatly in the past chapters of my life, stored as nothing but an unpleasant memory and never allowed to re-enter my life ever again.

Like I said, the two most important things are this… I did nothing wrong and I refuse to be anyone’s victim ever again. You can hate me all you want, and you can be pissed as hell and disagree with everything I ever said, thought or believed. But you cannot and will not victimize me.

Tammy knows exactly how I feel about the police and how I’ve come to have little trust and faith in them not just because of what happened to me but because of so many other cases I’ve heard about involving corruption and brutality. She used legal threats as a weapon against me simply because she was pissed off by my group message. The goal was to scare me into calling so she could let me have it or at least cry on his shoulder. Regardless, my message was perfectly legal and I had every right to send it. If we couldn’t say anything anyone perceived as negative, then leaving bad reviews on Yelp would be illegal.

Even though she gave me “permission” to be on the line when they spoke (by yesterday as she promised), she probably believes he doesn’t know what’s going on and that when she fills him in, he’ll automatically believe her bullshit version and somehow be turned against me.

Yeah, that’s going to happen really easily after being together for more than a quarter of a century.

But what about her husband? Does he know what’s going on? Does he encourage or at least support her trolling and threatening me if he does? Or does he try to encourage her to move on?

December 3, 2019 Tuesday

So Monday came and went, the day the drama queen promised to call the pigs if we didn’t call her by Sunday. Or make that if he didn’t call by Sunday.

Geez, you crazy bitch, I’d say they weren’t so eager to see me after all… IF you really even called them.

Since Termite Tammy tried to slam me on Amazon, I realize she lied to me all along. She would claim she had no time for reading, which I always thought was a bit odd since she was always a reader. But she proved she not only has KU, but she could have helped promote me all along, even if she didn’t actually read much of my books.

Sarah was wrong when she said I no longer had any family. Family, to me, means much more than biology and I can assure you that she and Aly are a lot more like family than my sister and her fucked up brats will ever be.

December 20, 2019 Friday

Damn you, Sarah. Yeah, I should have figured the little shit would go through my followers and reach out to Tom on Pinterest as she did three weeks ago. Well, the turd has been blocked with its message completely unread and ignored. I also changed our usernames and profile links.

Blocked the drama queen and shitspring on every site I could find them on. Together we pulled in 6K this month. LMAO knowing how pissed Tammy would be to know that.

It’s kind of funny that they think Tom is the answer to their problem with me and that he’s going to fix everything and side with them as opposed to his “mentally ill” wife. Yeah, everyone that pisses them off automatically becomes mentally ill. However, she and her sisters and mother are as meaningless to us as strangers on the other side of the world babbling at us in some totally foreign language. They always will be, too.

1/22/2020 Wednesday

I don’t know why I didn’t notice this before when doing periodic checks of my books on Goodreads to see if there were any new ratings or reviews, good or bad. Yesterday I noticed that two people “liked” that nasty review that was also left on Amazon before it was removed. Curious, I clicked to see who they were. One of them was someone named Adam with a private account, and the other was Sarah (no last name).

SMH, I wonder…would it quirt like a tomato if the giant foot I wish would fall down from the sky stepped on it and squashed it like the true bug that it is?

I’ve added this latest discovery to my harassment log, and now I want them to troll me so they can make more of a case against themselves.

I’m going to stick to my golden rule of treating everyone equally. I don’t look at anyone as just family. I don’t look at anyone as just a friend. I look at everyone as people. Just people, and if I feel any of those people are toxic in any way, I don’t have anything to do with them. It really is quite simple for me. There is no “because you’re family” or “because we have a lot of history together.” It’s all about how you treat me.

The only thing that makes no sense is that if that is the Sarah I think it is, why didn’t she leave negative ratings and reviews on other books instead of just “liking” someone else’s shitty review?

None of her kids ever struck me as the type to be into reading which fits with how empty the account is. These are the kinds of people that basically only do what they have to do in life and anything else would mostly be about food and TV and that’s pretty much it. They have no real hobbies other than maybe social media.

But why is she listed as being in Pompano Beach, Florida? That’s 73 miles away from her psycho mom/sis. But just being a Sarah in Florida who happened to join November of last year can’t be a coincidence. It’s got to be her. Plus, she has no books, no reviews, no ratings; just that one “like.” I’m sure that when Tammy saw her review get kicked off Amazon, she encouraged the conceited bitch to join Goodreads.

And Tammy really thought she could scare me into believing she had an actual legal case against me that she’d already gone to the police with and that she would return to them if we didn’t call her by Sunday, December 1st? Yup. She’s even dumber than I ever thought she was if she thought I would be dumb enough to believe that shit.

Someone said I should share these entries with them someday, but they wouldn’t get it. She and her kids truly are a bunch of fucking idiots and I knew that a long time ago. They’re not going to get a damn thing I say. Instead, they’ll just turn everything around like they always do and make like I’m the one with the problem, everything I’ve ever complained about where they’re concerned is false, they’ve never said or done anything wrong to me, and they’re the ones that cut ties with me. They’re true counter-attackers. I could accuse them of basically anything and they would automatically insist that no, I was the one who did it. I don’t doubt for a minute that they truly believe they’re totally innocent in everything and anything, but you know what? I don’t care what they read/see/hear anymore.

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