I Hope You... in 2019 -The Worst Year

  • Dec. 23, 2019, 7:18 a.m.
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It wouldn’t have mattered if I said I loved you one more time or hugged you one more time. You took my daughters’ youth and created memories I only wish they miraculously forget. Nothing I did caused it. Nothing I could have done would have stopped it. You have given them a lifetime of potential problems that could trickle into every aspect of their lives. Change how they view relationships and love. Planted images they shouldn’t see. Humiliated them. You’ve changed who they are!! You stole from them. You took something that doesn’t belong to you.

I hope you see sun dogs in the sky and try to ignore the memories of us admiring them together.
I hope you frustrate yourself trying to fold your own shirt cuffs, remembering that I did it for you every time.
I hope you have learned not to put plaid and stripes together, but I doubt it.
I hope you’ve remembered how I cook all the things I taught you, since you cannot smell, but can’t get it right because I’m not there to help you.
I hope you cringe every time you think of or hear “more sugar” being said.
I hope you remember my uncanny ability to mimic the sounds of some of the flying things in your Star Wars game, and it makes you hate playing the game.
I hope you never enjoy playing Mario Kart again.
I hope you’ve forgotten how to roller skate since no one takes you.
I hope you wake up every morning with the memory of who you hurt.
I hope you get your buttons crooked on all your button downs since I’m not there to help.
I hope you remember my secret trick to making the best scrambled eggs, and can never get it right.
I hope every night you have to fall asleep trying hard to ignore the pain you’ve caused us.
I hope you are in mental torment, daily.
I hope you never fully enjoy another meal knowing that I make it better.
I hope you wish you had my hot cocoa instead of whatever fake crap you drink now.
I hope you miss my French toast and roasts.

I hope you remember so many other things. And I hope it brings you anguish. You cannot lie forever. You don’t have the life you had here, anymore. You pretend it was horrible to gain pity. But you know better. You created your own problems. Fuck this “don’t feel vengeful” bull. I’m angry. And I have no faith in the judicial system. I can only rely on what God will have in store for your pedophile, child molesting, disgusting, sadistic, cold hearted soul.

I hope you rot in hell.

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Gangleri December 23, 2019

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