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  • Dec. 2, 2019, 1:50 p.m.
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Weekend recap.

Thursday / Thanksgiving:
It was good! We got up, got ready and went to his family’s. It was only us, his brother and his parents. His daughter was supposed to be there but her mom scheduled her Thanksgiving at 11 knowing we had to leave at 3. Andy says he thinks she does this knowingly because then we have to leave and look like the bad guys. Then we went to my family’s Thanksgiving. I KNEW there was going to be a big difference between the two but man oh man. He’s a saint for growing up with that family and entering, accepting and loving mine. We are large and LOUD. But it went really good. We ate, we drank, we played games. We found $41. Lol.

We put together the twin bed and desk and set up Andy’s little gaming area. I love the bed. I ordered a few more pillows that go with the room. Maybe some day I’ll post pics.

We went and picked up his daughter. We went to see Frozen 2 (was cute), went to eat then we took her to Hobby Lobby to pick something out for the bedroom. Thankfully she went with something cute. We kind of talked her out of what she really wanted. I mean. The daughter is STILL an adjustment for me. Yes we spend time with her a decent amount but now that he’s moving in, there will be a lot more sleepovers. They always go fine when they happen now but this has been my house for a long time. It’s always been my way. And when we were back at home hanging the flowers she picked out, she was telling him where to hang them and with her being 8 with not a great sense of decorating, I suggested something else and she said, “I thought this was MY room, I thought I could do whatever I wanted to it”
Well, no. Sorry. It’s still MY house.
But being I’m just the new girlfriend, I don’t feel like I can SAY that. Andy is always great with having my back and making her respect me/my house/ etc. But yeah. Adjustment time is needed.

We both woke up feeling a little sick. We brought her home, stopped and got his computer. He was just so excited to have the desk set up so he wanted the computer there. He said that makes it like “official” that he’s moved in. No, not really when you have to stop home everyday for clothes. Those are coming soon though.
We set up the computer and we went in the living room. I passed out being I was up all night due to his snoring (being he’s sick). I woke up and then he passed out. He woke up a little while later and wanted me to start warming up dinner so I did and he went and needed to check something on his computer. He ended up logging onto his game and “everyone was online” so he just had to stop in and play. Which..... he played dumb about it really great. “I didn’t know they’d be online and need me for something.”
Yeah, but you did. Because they raid on Sundays and they’re always online on Sundays. We had this discussion before and I told him he can raid whatever day he wants but I want him on Sundays. So he asked if he could play and I said that’s fine. What was I going to say? No? I knew he was excited to play being it was the first night it was there but ON THE OTHER HAND… he knows I struggle with the whole gaming thing. And it’s not so much that I don’t want him playing. He can play. But I just want there to be balance. His friends want him on there DAILY from right after work until 8-9pm. I don’t. I’m sorry. If I’m in a relationship with someone, I want to spend some TIME with them. I’d like to have dinner with them. I would prefer not to have him eat dinner in front of his computer while I eat it alone in the living room - like we did yesterday. I’m NOT okay with that. And I told him that. He said, “I wanted to eat dinner with you but they just needed me.” But I didn’t get all crazy girlfriend. I let him play, I didn’t say anything about it now. He already knows. (My co worker joked with me that I’m going to see him less now than I did before and I told him that he said I won’t). But yeah. I don’t know. ADJUSTMENT PERIOD FOR THAT TOO. I really just need a hobby/friends. It’s not HIS responsibility to keep me entertained 24/7. Yes, it’s important to spend time together but I should have my own things too. I just don’t right now.

Tonight we are going to see the holiday train.
This weekend BFF is going to be over so we’re going Christmas shopping and home to wrap presents. He will have allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day Saturday to game.
It’s going to be the first night that BFF was over for what used to be a “girls only” night while he’s there. I don’t think she’s exactly HAPPY about it but… it’s life. He will be so locked up in that room anyway so it won’t be any bother. I’m not close to done with Christmas shopping but I got a good start. I MISS TOYS R US. We used to go there every Christmas to do a majority of our shopping.
I got a bonus from work!! The first bonus I ever received! I have been at a job since I’ve been 15 years old. I’m 33 and this is my first time I received a bonus from my job. That’s sad.
But I’m so thankful for this place. I actually don’t dread coming into work on the daily.

Anyway. My head is killing me and I have a handful of things to get done.

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