LMAO, Your Threats Are a Joke in Shared Moments

  • Dec. 2, 2019, 9:38 p.m.
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I didn’t actually listen to them, but I read the transcripts from some pretty vicious voice messages I received, and even with the errors in it, I got the gist of what was being said. There were no transcripts or audio for the restricted calls before I blocked those.

Although I don’t owe anyone the luxury of keeping their first names out of here and I’m not legally obligated to, I’ll refrain from even using initials or saying how I know them (ex: If they’re former friends, relatives, neighbors, etc).

LMAO at the thought of recording some threatening voice messages I still have on my phone and sharing them on Facebook and elsewhere. I’ll leave that as a last resort for now as I prefer to act my age and not go on some vindictive rampage simply because someone said something that pissed me off that I didn’t want to hear. I’ve moved on. If they haven’t, that’s on them. It’s OK to be angry. It’s OK to disagree. It’s not OK to stalk, harass and threaten. These narcissistic, vengeful lunatics I never should have allowed back into my life don’t get that, though.

Unless provoked into action, I prefer to be the mature one and just not have anything to do with those I don’t get along with. But what I actually do depends on them. If they give me peace, they’ll get peace in return.

Kinda funny that they think I’m dumb enough to be convinced that IF they went to the cops, the cops would wait to see if I contact them as they demanded. If I’d broken any laws, they’d tell them to stay out of it, let them take over, and they’d have contacted me by now if they thought they had a case against me. And all because of the record they think I have that I, in fact, don’t what with the prank phone calls from a million years ago in the northeast being expunged and me being vindicated 20 years ago in the southwest.

Furthermore, statements are rarely given over the phone. Occasionally, video statements will be made but that’s usually reserved for minors involved in sex cases. If they thought I would fall for that one, then that shows there even dumber than I gave him credit for.

And why the obsession with reaching my husband? Did they think we don’t keep each other informed on what’s going on? Did they think he would believe their lies and side with them?

Funny how they say I didn’t have the balls to call back when the reason I didn’t was that there was nothing more to say. I’d gotten some things off my chest, shared my feelings, said I didn’t want to go back and forth, that this would be it, and I kept my word. What would have been the point in arguing until we were blue in the face when we could never see eye-to-eye? Don’t we all have better things to do?

Yeah, time for them to grow up, wake up, and smarten up, I would think. I’m smarter than any of them will ever be, and when I don’t know something off the top of my head, well, Google’s a wonderful thing. But hey, these are people who can barely even write. Their spelling, grammar and improper use of punctuation are ferocious.

Holding onto so much hate and anger only reflects badly on them and is detrimental to their health and psyche, but again, it’s on them. I knew these people were aggressive, had tempers, and were overly sensitive, emotional and vindictive. Hell, one even tried to enlist us to spite their own kid by finding their workplace to report them for what they believed was an abuse of Worker’s Comp. But I didn’t know they were literally crazy till recently. The sudden and surprise reference to porn told me that. Did they pull that out of thin air in the heat of the moment because they were pissed? Or did they get this idea from someone else?

This should have been a real eye-opener for me as well as what was done to me. How I didn’t see things clearly a long time ago is beyond me. Maybe I just didn’t want to. They have no resources, they have no money, they have no health, and sadly, they have no life.

They lose. I win. None of them will ever contact me again (and if they do any and all contact will be logged as evidence along with the fact that I had to change my number due to the harassment and threats) because they’re not welcomed in my life now or in the future and they will never be mentioned here again. I won’t wish them good luck. I won’t wish them bad luck. Why? Because I’ve become as indifferent to them as I am with some stranger in the next town I don’t even know. I don’t even feel the shame and embarrassment I have felt for them. I’ve gone numb. And now they shall all be filed nice and neatly in the past chapters of my life, stored as nothing but an unpleasant memory and never allowed to re-enter my life ever again.


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