NJM 19 in NoJoMo 2019

  • Nov. 19, 2019, 6:23 p.m.
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Write about the event that you didn’t think would make you sad, but did. by DevilishlyInnocent

I should have looked at this prompt this morning so I would have had time to think about it, or maybe talk with my therapist about it or something.

Ok, I’m just going to go with what just happened on fb.

As you all know I’m totally obsessed with Duran Duran. Funko Pop is coming out with Duran Duran figures (you can pre order them now btw) (lol). So every time the ad pops up on my feed, I share it and say something like… oh let me look at what I said today. .. “Just a reminder, if you plan on getting me a Zmas gift these are first on my list lol ”

Pam commented on the link saying “What good are they?” I knew she was kidding, but that insecure voice in my head said “See? She thinks your obsession is stupid.”

Insecure Diane won the argument and it made me sad, and hurt. Even though Rational Diane knew she was kidding.

I know, it doesn’t exactly go with the prompt, but I honestly can’t think of anything at this moment that made me sad when I didn’t think I would be.

Maybe I’ll think of something at 3 am and edit this entry.


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