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  • Nov. 18, 2019, 4:37 a.m.
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It has been at least two years, maybe more since I have fired my pistols. Last time I went to the gun range someone put the wrong cartridge(bullet) into their gun and when that happens the management/workers have to shut the shooting lanes down while they observe the gun. The manager says that happens atleast once a month. I took my pistols and ran my hot sweet ass out of there.

Last night I HAD to get out of Suburbistan, the land of a thousand unwritten rules, eight hundred and fifty of which have to do with the care of your lawn. So I go downtown, park and I just want to walk. I don’t want to talk with anyone so at one point I am actually walking down an alley. Sure enough, with my sorry luck I still come across someone I know. I haven’t seen this guy in twenty years and when I brohugged him it felt like I was hugging a bird. It shocked the poop out of me that someone I had done hard manual labor with was so delicate. We talked for a couple of minutes and thank Jessica Christa that there was an alleybar down the way for me to duck into before I busted into mantears.

Back in the early to mid nineties I watched a T.V. movie that I THINK was out of Canada. It was about three highschoolers. A jock who came from an abusive home, a girl who played a sassy striptease with her (clarinet???) at the highschool homegame, and a chunky nerdy guy who grew up to run his families mortuary and was actually the glue that held the jock and sassy coronet strumpet together through their lives. Now I KNOW that is not much to go on but can anyone PLEAASE tell me the name of that T.V. movie????

I am currently trying to figure out sustained atomic fusion in my backyard so if there is a blinding flash and energy wave that destroys the world....my most sincere apologies.

Everyone take care.

Loki November 18, 2019

I want to know the name of that movie, too! Looks interesting!

Interesting song. I really liked it!

Ferret Mom November 18, 2019

That is hilarious about the 850 laws about lawn care.

Sorry, can't help you with the movie.

Elle November 19, 2019

Mantears are sexy. Especially in alley bars.

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