Goat Heads in Shared Moments

  • Nov. 8, 2019, 12:43 p.m.
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Slept better last time around but still a little tired. Part of that is my fault. Been slacking off with unhealthy processed foods a little too much lately. I’ll definitely get back on track with my mostly plant-based diet and definitely keep what meats I have unprocessed. Just don’t feel as good on a processed diet.

Ended up napping for the second day in a row after I ate and showered. At least it’s good for my brain, as Tom said. The brain literally washes itself when we sleep, so those that are deprived of sleep have a higher chance of Alzheimer’s.

During my nap I had a dream I was in tears as I told someone I “lost” Stacey. Hmm…were we together in some other dimension or something?

Then Tom and I were walking through this huge mall and I was browsing through a bin of all different kinds of dolls in the center of it.

Lastly, we were back in Phoenix with the freeloaders and I was surprised by how quiet they were. In reality I’m sure they’ve driven every unfortunate soul next to them crazier than crazy if they haven’t been jailed and or deported.

So glad to learn that Becky’s CT scan shows she doesn’t have neoplasm colon cancer as her doctor feared! I’m thrilled but not surprised. As I told her, she likely would have had a starring role in one of my nightmares if anything serious was amiss with her.

All basic lady exams are free in California, but I’ve declined for a while, and if I’m going to take statins, I’ll likely start when I’m 62 because he’s definitely not going to work past 70 and I’m definitely not going to take it alone. It’s a good feeling to know he could retire right now even though we would struggle to make ends meet. But the longer he works, the more comfortable those golden years will be, and of course the longer I hold out on my own percentage of retirement money, the more we get.

We’re both working as hard as we can on our books and apps to generate extra money that way as well. As we both know, money isn’t everything. As long as we have money for the necessities, that’s fine. But going above and beyond that is always a nice bonus. We’re shopping whores, after all. We admit it. We love stuff. Lots of it. Our 1400-square-foot house is practically bursting at the seams with all our shit these days. LOL

Tammy has 4 doctor’s appointments this week but didn’t elaborate so I don’t have the whole picture to fully understand everything that’s going on. I can only guess that the most important thing right now is getting her kidney function to improve.

So I was right. Becky confirmed that yes, bike riding down there would be great but dogs wouldn’t be what I’d have to worry about. Goat heads would be the problem. So that’s what those spur-like bastards are called. Oh yeah, I remember those quite well when we were in Arizona, a similar desert. In fact, it’s probably the same Sonoran Desert. I hated those things! They stick really well and poke the shit out of you while they’re at it. This can be overcome, though, she said, by buying tires with special tubes with slime in them.

Adding the homemade burrow, I made out of their pigpen parts with a towel draped over it has worked out great. Not only do the pigs love it but now they’re more “bathroom oriented,” which makes cleanup a bit easier. Plus, it keeps the open area of the pen cleaner as well with them not going all over the place. I slipped their plush bed under it, but their tree trunk hideaway is right outside of it. See? https://www.facebook.com/ratgirl1204/posts/10157803069088530

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