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  • Nov. 4, 2019, 5:47 p.m.
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i quit my job. i quit about a month ago actually. i’ve been enjoying the funemployment.

yesterday i finally started looking for new jobs, i even applied to one yesterday - an SRE position at a genetic testing company.

but let’s write about what’s really bothering me.

dono has been working from home almost exclusively despite having an office he can go into. and -----

UGGHH I DONT WANNA FLESH THIS ALL OUT AND MAKE IT LOOK PRETTY, I JUST WANNA COMPLAIN. i want time at the house alone by myself, ok!!! he doesn’t leave. like he just doesn’t leave. and we’ve had so many conversations about it, “i’ll try to go in more” (where i’m learning his “i’ll try to” means it won’t really happen, and if it does, it happens like once before things go back to how they were), and here i am again about to go crazy because i never have any privacy or uninterrupted thought.


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