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  • Oct. 19, 2019, 6:25 p.m.
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I’ve written so many entries that I ended up deleting. I was getting very tired of the tone of my entries, everything negative and dwelling on how hurt I am. That perspective hasn’t changed too much, but I’m not interested on dwelling on it so much.

In a dramatic life decision, I went back to school to get my teaching credential so that I can teach English abroad. I’m just done with it all and done with being around my family. This was I’ll be able to go and support myself wherever I go.

I’m flying to Los Angeles for the day of my birthday, just for the day, so I can see my friends, some of whom are throwing me a party in West Hollywood. It’s just a blip of a trip but I’m looking forward to spending my birthday with people I actually like for once. That sounds bad, but these last few birthdays have been with people who are temporary and not necessarily reflective of the people whom have impacted my life in long-term ways.

No I do not know where I will go, I don’t even know if I’ll be eligible to go anywhere as I’m currently battling the FBI (do not ask) about the legal status that prevented me from going to France a couple of years ago because I believe it to be a clerical error. Even if it doesn’t turn out well, I will finally have knowledge of my current legal status that will let me know exactly what my options are.

Either way, I’m still here and I’m still making plans and moving toward something.

Oh, I fucked 4 guys in one day a week ago. Weird.

TommyGnosis October 19, 2019

Glad to see that you're looking forward <3

KissOfLife! October 20, 2019

Oh fantastic that there's a possibility you could end up back in Paris teaching English - what a dream, right?
I was actually thinking a few days ago about how much I miss reading your entries, and finally, here is one! :D I'd love to see one of your video ones again, you're so good at that.
FOUR guys in one day!? Now, I need an entry on that please :P

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