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  • Oct. 19, 2019, 2:52 a.m.
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Excited for the latest round of goodies we’re expecting from Amazon. The rat tapestry came today, and while it’s cute, the image isn’t nearly as sharp as it appears to be online. Going to iron it out, take down the elephant mural, and tack it up there. I was going to get a floral tapestry that’s a little bigger and replace the forest mural with it in the bedroom, but I think I’ll pass on that one.

Ordered some stencils you stick to yourself for drawing on tattoos, along with markers made for that.

Got 6 brightly colored large plates because now that I’m cooking more stuff myself rather than getting frozen dinners, extra plates would come in handy. Each one is a different color… Red, blue, green, pink, purple and yellow.

I’m also going to try those shampoo and conditioner bars. This is good timing too, as I’m lower on shampoo than I thought I was.

Lastly, we also ordered a different kind of bedding because the liners aren’t working out well anymore for the pigs. They just don’t wick moisture like they used to. For now, because I love to experiment and try different things, I’ve fenced them off in a section of the kitchen. Two of their four walls are cabinets. Because pigs aren’t as curious about the world beyond their living quarters like rats are, they wouldn’t want to escape. I’ve got it secure enough so they couldn’t anyway.

The hay holder that came with their cage works better attached to the fence because the fence has square bars instead of long ones which means the hay doesn’t slip out before they can eat it all. Unless they pull up the blanket that I put down on the floor, I don’t think nearly as much shit will get on the floor as does the edges of the floor of their cage with the fleece liners, but this blanket would be a bit of a bitch to shake out since it’s bigger. I like this setup better than the fleece liners in their cage, though, and they have so much more room here. Can’t give the liners to the rats because they’re destructive and they’d only chew them up as well as burrow underneath them.

I’m still looking forward to trying the new bedding. It’s basically the same stuff; recycled paper. The only difference is that these are bigger clumps of paper to absorb more pee since all these pigs do is eat, piss and scream, lol.

Got a little close to being anxious yesterday so I decided to take a 50 today. I just can’t get past 6 weeks. I won’t automatically drop to 50s every day, though. I’ll go with every other day and see how I feel. If I still feel on edge, I’ll drop it to 50s two days in a row.

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