Can't sleep in Fall 2019

  • Oct. 9, 2019, 11:03 a.m.
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I cant sleep. Cant tell if it’s from not taking melatonin last night, my keto diet or if I’m just emotionally unstable from this relationship thing. Maybe all 3.

One good this, I can feel I’m losing fat. Its probably all just water weight since I’m only on day 3. I’ve got everyrhing I need for lunches. I thought the casserole was going to last longer than it did. I could always just make another at the end of the week. It was pretty good. I do have some creamy Tuscan chicken left over, but I’m gonna eat that for lunch. I’m also gonna pack a salad(I made the garlic and herb oil dressing), an avocado, string cheese etc.

Tonight I’m making up salmon and broccoli and mushrooms. I cant wait.

Gotta continue this diet because it seemed to always worked for me. Im motivated to lose these 20lbs. I haven’t weighed myself. I dont want to because I feel I’ll just be looking at the numbers and getting obsessed. I’m gonna try to do this thru looking at my body and feeling how clothes fit differently.

Maybe after a while I’ll implement Intermittent fasting because I know that also seemed to help reduce fat, but I wont start that until I’m more used to eating this diet.

J.E. October 09, 2019

Good luck!

Deleted user October 09, 2019

Can't go wrong combining intermittent fasting with keto! IF triggers autophagy like keto and it's a lot harder to get knocked out of ketosis that way, even if you take a cheat day... then the next day you can IF it away and get back into ketosis fairly quickly

Have you experienced the awful keto shits yet? I know you're only on day 3 and I think that started for me around day 5 or so. Almost quit keto because it was terrible! But I pushed through and did not regret it, so if you get to that stage (not all do), my advice is to push through to the other side and reap the promised benefits!

kdawnf Deleted user ⋅ October 09, 2019

I had to actually look "keto shit" up and I dont believe I have. Its diarrhea right? Nope not me. I think I'm one of the lucky ones that isnt going thru any flus or shits because my body is used to eating these types of foods. I just eliminated breads and noodles. I am only on day 4 though so Idk..

Deleted user kdawnf ⋅ October 09, 2019

It sounds like you might be okay since you're going into day 4 without any flu symptoms, like headaches and fatigue, but if it happens then you just keep eating more fat/drinking bone broth and water. Gotta keep those electrolytes stable.

Talking about this is making me wanna do keto again, but I'm in the process of quitting smoking right now so I don't wanna overload myself with too many challenges. That's when I tend to break and fall off the wagon, when I don't set realistic goals or plan ahead and dive into things impulsively

kdawnf Deleted user ⋅ October 10, 2019 (edited October 10, 2019)


Ive been feeling alitlte fatigued this morning, but it could be a hangover. Haha! I drank quite a bit last night(vodka and sparkling water, so not carbs, I think).

If I do start to experience symptoms, I'll drink some chicken broth. I'm trying to keep up on water. Ive been falling behind on that.

Thats great you're quitting smoking. That shit is horrible for you. Ive not smoked for about 4-5 years now.. And I'm not going back. I could die if I do, so thats a motivator. Haha!

Deleted user kdawnf ⋅ October 10, 2019

lol YEAH I'd say the threat of death is a HUGE motivator! I guess that's my motivation too, since I know that A) I'm on birth control and you're not supposed to smoke on birth control for fear of blood clots, B) I have some relatives who have died of lung cancer from smoking forever, and C) once you get to a certain age like the 30s all your bad habits are a slippery slope to becoming incapacitated with medical bills due to a fucked up physicality and health, and without youth on your side you're pretty much doomed.

Deleted user kdawnf ⋅ October 09, 2019

Oh and to answer your question, yeah it's like really bad diarrhea! For me it was like straight water shits for about a day on and off. Honestly it wasn't the worst thing I've experienced, it just surprised me lol

kdawnf Deleted user ⋅ October 13, 2019

Funny how you talked about the keto shits around day 5 because I'm pretty much there now. I think I'm going thru the flu part too because I'm feeling slightly nauseous sometimes.. Not feeling good at all..

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