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  • Oct. 9, 2019, 3:47 a.m.
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Reposting this because I had problems editing the first posting of this.

There are no more humans left, the people who are walking around this world today - they look human, they act human, they talk like they’re human - but they’re not human. They’re mindless, heartless, selfish robots, robots who don’t give a shit about anyone whom they don’t know personally.

People these days are so cold, they have attitudes - rude, nasty, bitchy attitudes no matter how nice you are towards them. Some are always looking mean and hateful, no smiles or anything.

Then you have people - especially black females, they’re looking at you, hoping to get something started with you - looking for a fight. No one says hello or good morning or good evening to anyone anymore. A HUGE majority of people walk around showing NO emotion on their faces at all anymore. Look how much violence has risen in the world among humanity. It’s almost damn scary.

Then it’s like no matter what you do, nowadays, people work hard to try to make YOU fail at whatever you’re trying to achieve.

I’m sick of this world and I hate this world. I hate it. Everyone here lies, deceives, they care more about money than they do principle, morals and people. Whatever they do for you, they only do it because they feel they’re going to benefit out of it.

This even occurs in Hollywood. Tyler Perry talks about how he cares so much about black people, poor people but yet and still, he builds a SECOND big, fucking film studio. Do you know what he could’ve done with that money he used to build a second studio? He could’ve used that money to build homes for black, low income families or homes for California homeless people of all races.

But you know why he didn’t? Because he doesn’t GIVE a fuck. No one gives a fuck. In fact, what rich celebrity have you seen say, “you know what? I’m going to buy a slew of homes for the California homeless”? No, because they don’t give a shit.

Then you have Oprah give millions of bucks to Morehouse - MOREHOUSE?! Like they REALLY need money! How about taking that money and building HOMES for the HOMELESS - in Chicago, California, New York and elsewhere? But do you know why Oprah gave that money? It’s not because she genuinely gives a shit about Morehouse, it’s because giving big amounts of money away like that, looks REALLY fucking good on her taxes when it comes time for tax time, it’s a fucking tax write off.

“Oh Oprah gave Morehouse money, she’s such a good person.” Please, fuck Oprah and fuck Tyler Perry too. When is the last time Tyler Perry, Oprah or even Lee Daniels, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg or George Lucas said, “hey, you know, I’m going to finance or invest in an up and coming filmmaker, a poor, struggling filmmaker that’s in the slums and/or struggling, so that they can get a chance at having a better life for themselves or their family.”

Hell no, they’d never do that, because they don’t give a shit. Is doing that going to benefit them? No? Then why the hell should they do it? THAT’S their sick, twisted mindset.

How many black people, white people, Jews, Hispanics, Latinos, Mexicans, Italians, Chinese, etc such as myself, have watched Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, Oprah, James Cameron or Steven Spielberg or George Lucas and WISHED to be them - to be a film director but has NEVER Been given the chance?

And don’t give me that, “industry rules are that you work your way up from the bottom” or, “it’s all about who you know”, because that shit is BULLSHIT. It doesn’t work for REGULAR people like myself who are trying to REALLY become something, who really have GOOD film ideas to bring forth to the world, ideas that are going to inspire, motivate and help the masses.

I know a guy who started at the bottom in the entertainment field as a PA, his dream however, was to be a filmmaker - fifteen years later, you know how far he’s moved up? He’s a prop master. That’s how far he’s moved up, despite his NUMEROUS industry connections and despite starting at the bottom, he’s STILL at the goddamn bottom. So don’t even go there with that bullshit.

Hell, even REGULAR people don’t give a shit, REGULAR wealthy people in California and elsewhere don’t even give a shit, regular people - PERIOD don’t give a shit. We can rally and fight for LGBT rights and for climate control and all that shit, but who’s rallying, protesting and fighting for homeless people in California and elsewhere to have homes??

NO ONE because no one gives a shit.

You have black people AND white people who complain about how black, young people don’t do anything to make something out of themselves.

They just remain in poverty and in the slums but that’s a damn lie, because the TRUTH is that a lot of black, young people (even myself, who’s black and white = biracial) aren’t given a goddamn chance to MAKE something out of ourselves.

Take for example myself, I’m a young, biracial filmmaker, trying to get myself and my mother out of poverty and out of “the slums” but don’t you know none of these big-wig fucking producers, investors, filmmakers and even ACTORS aren’t giving me a goddamn chance to do what I’m trying to do?

And don’t say I haven’t tried and that I’m making excuses because I’ve been breaking my goddamn BACK, trying to beg and plead and work and beg and plead for someone to give me a chance but no one will, I repeat, NO ONE WILL because NO ONE GIVES A SHIT about ANYONE and the good that they’re trying to do! Not anymore.

The days of the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and even the ’90s when people gave a shit about others, whether they knew them personally or not and when people gave a helping hand to someone so they can succeed. Those days are GONE. I don’t know these new fucking people in this world today.

You go on Instagram, Twitter and even Facebook and if they don’t fucking know you personally, they won’t interact with you, talk with you, but if they have something they want you to buy or support - they’ll be ALL up in your face because that “something” is going to benefit THEM.

That’s all this world is about - how can I fuck people over and have it to benefit me? How can I stop or block someone else from achieving so that way I can continue to be on top?

This world is all about ignoring people, hating other people and being nasty, rude and mean to other people - JUST CAUSE. This world is all about trying to connive and manipulate people and lie to people - JUST CAUSE.

NO one has any humanity and caring left.

Hell, in New York, you had a dumb, ignorant, black bastard beat the shit out of homeless people and I believe the bastard set the homeless people ON FIRE. See?

Everyone has turned cruel, heartless, overly competitive where they are trying to bring down others, selfish and just - assholes. I swear, I don’t know these people of this world or where they came from but they didn’t come from my years of the late “80s and ’90s.

And before someone says, “that’s not true, there’s still caring, kind people left,” YES, I know that, there are only about 1% of people who are still like me, who would give someone the shirt off my back if someone needed it, who loves and cares about people - genuinely, whether I know them or not, no matter the race, religion, sex or whatever because that’s how ALL humans should be.

The rest of the 99% - I don’t know what kind of fucking people they are - if they’re even people at all. Are they RFID chipped people? Are they possessed people? Soulless entities disguised as humans? Who knows but one thing is for sure, there are FAR less humans in this world, it’s becoming like that ’90s film, Body Snatchers, where humans are being swapped out with entities who look like humans, talk and walks like humans, but they aren’t. They cold, emotionless and soulless.

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