Jury Selection in Shared Moments

  • Oct. 2, 2019, 7:32 p.m.
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Those fucking courts. They really do know how to mess with our lives, don’t they? He has to go in for jury selection and that in itself is fine. That’s not the problem. The problem is that this is the worst day of the week for that because this is when he normally works from home and makes extra money. Plus, it’s so unlikely that he’ll be selected so it’s basically for nothing. He’s never been selected. The most he ever had to do way back when in Phoenix was be asked to sit with a group of others in the jury box to convince this defendant who didn’t believe his case was really going to a jury trial that yes, it sure was. This doesn’t surprise me when I think about it. Those in law enforcement love not so much as to prove themselves right but prove others wrong. Just part of the control and arrogance that usually goes with the territory. Sure, there are some decent cops and lawyers that are in it for the justice and that are willing to be as fair as possible, but for most, it’s about power and control and a means of being able to act out their aggressiveness.

Skunks. That’s another extreme I’ve experienced here that I can add to the planes, landscaping, traffic, and a million other things. It fucking stinks out there right now. Because this is a temperate, dry climate that doesn’t get too hot or too cold, it’s ideal for skunks. But just like I can say, “never before have I experienced so much of this or that,” never before have I lived anywhere where there were so many damn skunks. I fucking hate it here. I really do. Anything is better than anxiety, but it sucks to know we’ll be here for many more years. Seems to be the story of my life, though; being where I don’t want to be. I start to feel the faint glimmer of hope that maybe I’ll be compensated and get lucky enough to finish off my last 20 years or so in a place I absolutely love, but I know that isn’t meant to be any more than I was ever meant to be tall. I think we can find a place a little quieter than this, but how long will it last before it catches up to this place?

Kobo doesn’t make unpublishing books as easy as Amazon does, but I’m officially done with them with no plans to return anytime soon. Better to stick with the biggest stores, not that I expect to make much either way. Because Kobo was lazy, I had to do their job for them and gather all the titles and ISBN numbers. Only then was I able to do delist them.

I lowered all my books on Amazon to KU eligible with an option to buy for $0.99. One is at $0.99 and not KU eligible which is probably how I’ll set my books in the future. That way I have a mix as prices. There’s a guideline as to prices per wordcount and I think I’ll follow that in the future rather than just list everything at $0.99. Even my shorter novels that are around 20-30K words take time and work. if I’m not going to make many sales, I should at least get paid fairly for what few I do make.

The British style potato I made yesterday came out great! Instead of poking holes in it and baking it at 425° for an hour, I made quarter-inch crosses on either end and baked it for 2 hours on 400°. Then I cut the slices deeper and threw them back in the oven for another 10 minutes. Came out so light and fluffy!

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