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  • Sept. 23, 2019, 5:19 p.m.
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I did this list at the last minute so I hope it doesn’t suck. LOL! I’m not doing a participant list this year as so far there aren’t many of us and I add links into my daily entries now anyway. You shouldn’t have a problem getting in touch with others if you need or want to!

01 Deserted road OR Bells

02 Cooking OR Eating

03 Front door OR Garden

04 Books OR Games

05 Not What It Appears OR Secret Hiding Place

06 Grocery shopping OR Daily Errand

07 Shower OR Brushing teeth

08 Bed OR Comfort

09 How Do You Travel? OR Electronics

10 Woods OR Field

11 Hospital OR Fire station

12 Boots OR Mud

13 Neighbours OR Favour

14 Nursery Rhymes OR Spooky Stories

15 Broken OR Forgotten

16 Thick OR Thin

17 Fortune OR Myth

18 Road Trip OR Staycation

19 Cobwebs OR Candles

20 Killers OR Conservation

21 Grilled Cheese OR Chicken Soup

22 High school OR college

23 Handmade OR Harmony

24 Ruby OR Jade

25 Cemetery OR Sacred Ground

26 Blue OR Red

27 Childhood Fear OR Serenity

28 Memories OR Collections

29 Movie Monsters OR Makeup (can be regular or Halloween)

30 A Wish OR A Thought

31 Halloween Anything!

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Leanne 🌈 September 23, 2019


ManitouWolf September 23, 2019

:) Cool list!

Deleted user September 24, 2019

good list

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